Friday, June 4, 2010

Round Here

I did a workout with my friend three days ago.
It involved many, many, MANY push-ups and pull-ups, with some cardio thrown into the mix.

(The pull-ups were done on a machine that helps with some of the weight. You didn't think I was She-Ra or something did you?)

I did the workout.
Then at 3 the next morning I was awakened.
Do you know what woke me?

It was pain.
Pain woke me.
Pain so severe that I was forced to stumble into the bathroom looking for some motrin or tylenol. And when I was unsuccessful at finding any, I chewed up every last cherry-flavored children's tylenol tablet that we owned.

Ever since then, I have been unable to fully extend my arms.

I am about to pen the most intelligent statement I have ever written:
Turns out I use my arms an awful lot during the day.

Pain is my constant companion. I smell like Ben-Gay.

You who made me do this workout. You know who you are.
And more importantly, I know where you live.


Moving on.

Today when the kids were eating lunch, Alex asked me to get her some more milk. Since I only actually listen to about 40% of the words that make their way out of her mouth, I mumbled uh-huh, just a minute, and then forgot about it completely.

(In my defense, less than 40% is actually worth listening to, so I think I'm doing a fairly good job.)

A few minutes later I hear "Moooooommmmmmmy. You said you were going to get me some milk and I'm very thirsty."
and then came this little jewel of an afterthough:
"it's like it's your first day or something."

I laughed. I couldn't help it.
And I know exactly who to blame it on:
One Joshua B. Schore

For I can assure you that these scenarios have played out many a time in our household:

Derek, not watching where he's going, walks right into a wall.
Josh: Hey Buddy, it's like it's your first day walking.

Alex, a very messy eater, spills her yogurt down her shirt.
Josh: Alex, is it your first day eating?

Sometimes it's amusing to hear it come full circle.
(Other times it's not so amusing.)


We're making progress on the pantry cleaning.

Josh moaned out loud when he read my post about clean-up meals.
He then asked if I might be able to look at our ingredients and see if I can make some meals out of them instead of just serving him a side dish of canned mushrooms.

He's so needy.


Alex's birthday was May 19th.
I assure you we are very thankful for all of the wonderful gifts she received.

Unfortunately it appears that we are only thankful enough to write out the notes, but not enough to address and send them.

They will be in the mail soon.
Hopefully before she turns 6.


It would appear that we have found someone to rent our house.

While we would have preferred to sell, the market here in Mountain Home is less than desirable. So we are happy to at least have the house taken care of for now, and will try to sell again down the road when things turn around a bit.

Thank you all for listening to me moan and complain for the past few months. I shall now give you a brief reprieve.


And as soon as we are settled into our new home in North Carolina, I will replace the crying and complaining formerly reserved for our house with tears and complaints related to potty training my son.

My son who insists that he is BIG. And NOT A BABY.

I guess we'll see about that, huh?

Signing off,
I've-been-typing-this-with-a-pencil-in-my-teeth-because-my-arms-hurt-so-bad in Idaho


Jennifer said...

How about them abs... Are those sore?

When we were leaving WF, I prepared a meal of mac-n-cheese, and pork-n-beans. Brandon never fails to remind me of that fabulous meal... I didn't think it was THAT bad ;) Good luck! It takes me so long, I have to start cleaning out the pantry/freezer 6 months before we move!

thelumberjackswife said...

Yay for a rented house! I hope we get all our ducks in a row soon.

Fix Josh a steak, will ya? Sheesh. It's like it's your first day as wifey.


Mrs. J said...

dont feel bad about the thank you notes...it's not like you don't have anything else going on in your life right now. Seth's birtday was on May 1st. They are still sitting here...I have only actually mailed one! I am a bad person I know. But I literally have been at my home for more than just sleeping a total of maybe 2.5hours this month! I cut myself the slack! :)

Dressed-Up Dots said...

if i would have known the pain you were in i would have NEVER in a million years made you stand out with me in the "pouring" rain to visit/watch the children bounce their brains out in a blowup house. because we all know damp weather aggrivates sore muscles.

.....or is that arthritis?

huh.....might have to rethink that.

Christina said...

First, you must take the Ibuprofen right after your workout.
Full-circle story is sooo funny. Love. It.
Impressive pantry...you know how I feel about getting some area of one's house in order. :)
I realized recently that I never oversaw the writing of Christian's thank you cards. His birthday is in January.
Congratulations on the house!

Joyce said...

Always hard to hear our words come out of our kids mouths....kinda funny at age 6 but wait until they're teenagers : )

Good luck with your move!

Grandma said...

Bet you wish you had some of my famous tylenol with codiene now, don't you?

As far as Princess Alex is concerned, you know she is a clone of her father.

trooppetrie said...

today when I yelled for my daughter she said MOM YOU GOT IT RIGHT, because I actually used her name and not one of her sisters

Heather and Scott said...

YEAH!!! SO glad that house has a possible renter! :) That's great news!! Love ya!

NF - C&T said...

you should have used the webcam to snap a picture of your typing w/ the pencil ... b/c if true that would have been hilarious ;-)