Saturday, June 26, 2010

Road Trip- Day 1, By the numbers

644 miles driven
3 states traveled (Idaho, Utah, Wyoming)
7 children's videos watched (Monsters Vs Aliens, Boz the Bear: Christmas Episode, Cinderella, Toy Story 2, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Elmo's Potty Time, The Little Mermaid)
6 altercations between Josh's head and the DVD player
Countless requests for snacks, drinks, toys, and games
2 adults typing in the dark in a hotel room

And the most disturbing number of all:

00.00 Car-Sleeping minutes logged by Schore spawn

That is not a typo.
No one slept.
Not even for a minute.
We drove for 10 hours.

And that is all I have to say about today.


Anonymous said...

644 miles! Dang! And I can't believe no one slept! But at least they are probably sleeping good now!
I have a bitter root that has sprung up within me regarding the fact that you did not drive to wherever it is I live to see me.
What up with that?
I thought we were tight.
You cut me real deep, Shrek. You cup me real deep just now.
Take care of Josh's head.
Good night.

I'm Erin. said...

It was the wrong direction Taylor!! I promise if I were going your way I would have been knocking at your door.

Anonymous said...

I know!! I'm teasing you! Happy Travels! :)

Joyce said...

oh my. I'm thinking benadryl may be called for on Day 2. : )

Safe travels!