Sunday, June 13, 2010

(Mostly) Happy Campers

We went camping last night.

Well, maybe cabin-ing would be a more appropriate term.
But I should point out that my bed was quite hard and not very comfortable.
And there was no plumbing, so that definitely adds points for roughing it, right?

Of course I didn't exactly know there wasn't going to be any plumbing or I might have tried to dehydrate myself before we left.

Moving on.

The kids had a blast playing in the sand, dirt, and lake water.

They teamed up against Daddy in a watergun fight.

They fished with a princess fishing pole and no bait.

(Turns out we weren't the most prepared campers. Bait is just one item in a long list of forgotten necessities: plates, ketchup, a lighter, cooking pan, pillows, and indoor plumbing were also left behind.)

A rare find: Friends who are willing to camp with us. Twice.

Check out how excited Derek was to be on the boat.

He eventually perked up when we pulled out some potato chips.
Salty snacks are his love language.

Alex fancied herself the rightful captain of the ship. She did not want to be displaced from the position of authority at the helm. 

Turns out she feels that way about most things in life. She kind of thinks she's running the show.
(She gets it from her father, but don't tell him I said so.)

The weather was beautiful-- sunny and 70's.

And the piece de resistance: Marshmallows. 
They make me happy inside. 
And chubby outside. 

Something else that makes me happy inside-- This guy:

(Except he kind of looks like a vampire in that picture don't you think? Josh has been making me watch lots of zombie and vampire movies lately.)
And this guy:

And this guy, too:

And I can't forget this girl:

Even though she proved the theory:
(1 x Alex) - 4 hours of expected sleep = (Alex's age minus 3 years)

In other words, she acted like a two year old all morning long until we got home for naps.
Which the whole family took.
Some of us (me) for almost 3 hours.

Camping mystery: 1 night away = 1weeks worth of laundry.

We had a fun night away, and now we're back to the reality that in two weeks, we won't be living in Idaho anymore.Yikes.


Joyce said...

That looks like a pretty place. Something is always forgotten on a camping trip...at least it wasn't the marshmallows!

Grandma said...

Salty snacks? I wonder where he got that from?

Heather and Scott said...

I love how you detail every part of it. Including the laundry. You can just WISH for 70 degree weather once you stop here. It feels like 140 degrees (but it's ONLY 93).

J. Henry said...

Wow.... jealous of that perfect weather!

...salty chips are his love language, HA!