Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Pepaw and Cindy came out for a visit last week. We really appreciate having visitors come since life at home without Daddy gets a bit lonely at times. We had a lot of fun while they were here--
We hung out at the river one day... This picture doesn't really show how pretty it is there, I'll try to find another to show you. The road to get there includes 10 miles on a scenic, but very curvy dirt road where you have to be careful not to hit the cows that are all around.

This is us at the park on base. After we left the park, we went to Make Your Own Pizza night at the club. They had a bounce house set up inside for the kids so Alex jumped while we ate. I was able to pile on so many toppings that I barely noticed the lack of cheese. (Oh Derek, PLEASE have outgrown this allergy thing when we check in August!)
I couldn't resist adding this picture in...this is Derek peeking out of the little tent we have while we were at the river. We put him in here to protect him from the sun and to get him to stop eating the rocks.
Pepaw and Cindy came bearing camouflage gifts :) My dad is a hunter and so apparently are his grandkids. I know this because I've seen Alex hunt for many a booger, and she doesn't give up until she has a prize to show! Alex is actually wearing a camouflage dress...who knew they made such things??

Another update on Kennedy-- She had a very bad night; we think a reaction to the anesthesia. The only sleep she got was 4 hours, and for that she had to be sedated. She has been crying non-stop, has been very combative, and not at all herself. The last I spoke with my sister, they were planning on giving her another sedative so she can rest. The good news is that they were able to remove the drain from her wound already so hopefully if they can get her to calm down and stay that way she may be able to get home sooner. I pray that's the case!


Annie (laughterqueen) said...

The camo dress seriously made me laugh out loud...especially how you followed it up with, "who knew they made such things" Well no one can rock a camo dress quite as beautifully as miss Alex does!! Derek looks ready to become a booger hunting fool like his big sissy...watch out! :)

I'm so sorry to hear about Kennedy. :( I'm seriously praying for her and her family!

Audrey said...

Hey Erin,
we're praying for sweet little Kennedy too. And I love the Camo picture. Although after all the pink camo options we had picking out shirts for flickerball, it doesn't surprise me all the things that they come out with in camo. Miss you.

Jennifer said...

Once again, I'm glad to hear that Alex is just like her mommy. Ha ha ha!! Glad that you've got company to help out with the kids and help pass the time!