Friday, July 11, 2008

Deployment Days

So Josh has been gone for 43 days now, which puts us at about 1/3 of the way through the deployment. Boo. It feels like forever already; thank goodness for a full calendar of visitors and trips for the next month or so. I certainly didn't think it would be easy, but the monotony of daily life without him here is draining. Thankfully we get to talk to Josh on the webcam most days, which is a blessing. He's been able to see Derek crawl, check out his new teeth, and keep up with Alex's latest shenanigans (and of course, tell me that I'm beautiful despite not having showered and wearing snot on my shoulder courtesy of D-- I think God approves of some lying for the sake of marital harmony.) Thank goodness for technology! (which is the opposite of what I say when I can't get the DVR to tape my show, the computer breaks, etc. But I reserve the right to be fickle.)

Trying to get Alex to talk to the camera and actually say something that makes sense is like working with a monkey. Sorry Josh, I know you wanted to see some clips but this is all I could get out of her today...

(My friend Nicole sent Alex that outfit when she was a new baby...I can't believe she's old enough to wear it now!)

Proof! Josh contends that Derek is still bald because his hair is so light that on the webcam you can't see it. So I got a shot with it wet to prove that he does indeed have some hair.

Here are his long locks blowing in the wind :)
Missing you Daddy! Here's hoping that the next 80 or so days go by quickly!


Heather & Scott said...

I love your beautiful kiddos! Sorry I haven't posted on your blog lately...it's because I haven't been reading it -- I guess my updater wasn't working so I didn't know you had posted until we chatted! Sorry! Hope to talk to you soon and that you're having a good weekend =)

Jen McD said...

So cute. I could have done without the 80 something day reminder, but 1/3 of the way done is a good thing!

Audrey said...

Erin! I miss those kids!! That video is SO CUTE. Hang in there! I know it's tough. I am SO happy for you for having some distractions this next month. We're praying for Josh and for your sanity. I know mine would be on the line if Nate were deployed right now.