Monday, July 14, 2008

My kids are weird.

Some examples:
1) My daughter likes to make requests by contorting her body into images of what she wants. "I want cheese. Tiny cheese that looks like this." Then she lays down on the ground with her arms at her sides in what I can only assume is what she feels "tiny cheese" would look like if it were a 3-year-old girl who rarely wears pants. Or, "I want something white and long like this." At this point she wraps her arms around herself giving the opposite of the long look she mentioned. In this case, I know that she is asking for dental floss. Which brings me to point 2)...is it normal for kids to want dental floss? She asks daily and then proceeds to lick the string for the mint flavor.
(By the way, tiny cheese refers to shredded cheese and she actually could just ask me for the dental floss instead of impersonating it but chooses not to.) Let me not forget to mention that Alex has 3) an Irrational Fear of Men. This is another post in and of itself.
So as not to pick only on Alex, let's talk about the little man. Derek will not eat any food with any texture other than puree. What the heck is this kid going to have on his birthday in a month? I see visions of a candle standing in a Gerber jar of Mango dessert. No soft chunk of banana, pear, avocado, ANYTHING has passed willingly through his lips. But of course he is willing to choke down on Spiney Fish's fin and suck any piece of paper until it dissolves in his mouth.

My kids are weird.


Heather & Scott said...

Love those pictures...and love those kids (even if they do strange things!). Picturing Alex in those positions made me smile...you definitely need to video her doing that!

Jennifer said...

They are YOUR kids!! :) He he he!!

Jen McD said...

She's very creative! Cole
likes to "floss the chicken" - that's what he calls flossing. ? But I think I would
like to see the
king of the string.

Kids are weird.

Annie (laughterqueen) said...

Oh my gosh this made me laugh so hard! Imagining Alex contorting herself into endless different positions is just too funny!!! Kate hated textures forever too. I remember on her 1 yr birthday thinking..."WilI have to freeze breastmilk into a bunt cake pan to resemble some sort of birthday cake??" Thankfully she got over it eventually. :)

Liz said...

Tiny cheese. Hilarious.