Friday, July 18, 2008

I have two nemeses:

Potty Training and Weed Eating.

Thankfully one has been conquered, but the weeds still grow.

Let me tell you with all seriousness that my daughter literally took a YEAR to potty train. And YEARS off my life. Finally, finally we are at a point where she can actually do the unthinkable--stop what she's doing and say "I have to go potty." Then she will go into the bathroom, do her business, wash her hands and come back out. Without me! It's a miracle :)
There have been many days/weeks this past year when I thought we had it down...I'm ashamed to say that I even dared to offer advice to other mommies training their kids! (head hung in shame) Sorry! Apparently when I dismissed all the writings that say "Don't potty train during times of transition" I was making a mistake. A BIG mistake. My advice to other moms now is 1) don't ask me for advice unless you want to train your kid for a year and 2) if you aren't going to listen to #1, then whatever you do, don't train your kid while living in temporary lodging, about to move into a new house, moving them to a toddler bed, and 2 weeks later pushing out a sibling. Things may start off well, but they go downhill quickly!

Whew, rant over. Really, I'm just happy that it's in the past.

Now on to nemesis number 2: The weed-whacker, now known as That Thing.

Josh, I think I needed a more in-depth tutorial on this before you left. Now in my dear husband's defense, I must let my blog reader(s?) know that Josh has told me time and again that I can just hire someone to do our lawn. But for some reason I'm resistant to this (read: cheap). So a few days ago instead of just mowing I decided to pull out all the stops and put That Thing to work. Well, it didn't. I pulled the string out too far and then couldn't get it back in. So I'm leaning way over in an effort to whack the weeds and not me. I'm mostly just tearing up the grass and whacking the concrete at first. Then I apparently got too close and That Thing attacked my ankle! This hurt. Badly. Then it started smoking and smelling badly. That's when I quit and decided that I hate weed eating and don't care if the weeds grow all summer long.

And if you made it all the way through my complaining post, I will reward you with these pictures of my super-cute kiddos.

I was just telling them about the painful, scary, smoking monster known as That Thing. I think their faces say it all.


Jennifer said...

I hear you!! I hate the weedeater too. Actually I won't even attempt it... Luckily it hasn't been an issue recently for me because I have a stay-at-home DAD for a neighbor. But my advice is to either 1) hire some kid or 2) use scissors! Scissors worked well for me in the past :)

Annie (laughterqueen) said...

Oh Erin, this post had me both laughing and GASPING out of fear about the part about the Weed Eater whacking at your ankle! You poor thing!!! :( I do happen to adore the last photo you posted of your kids petrified faces.

The Walters' Family said...

Well, again I'm not surprised how much we have in common. I too, profess to know very little about potty training. Interestingly, the Walters attempted potty training (more accurately continued potty training) while living in the TLFs, coming to Scott AFB, our new home, kicking Mollie out of her crib so little sister Ellie could have it, etc. So was it a surprise to me when the only bed that is not waterproof in our home, ours, Mollie has an accident in, NO! What was frustrating though, was wondering what box in the garage had the extra pair of sheets. For some reason, I don't remember the briefing that said, "There would be days like this." Gotta love it!

The Walters' Family said...

Amazing what we have in common!!! I, too, profess to know very little about potty training. The Walters "continued" potty training while living in the TLFs, moving to Scott AFB, our new home, kicking Mollie out of her crib, to prepare for sister Ellie's arrival. So I too, should not be surprised by the occassional accident. However, did it have to happen on my "non-waterproof" bed? Though, I have to admit as frustrating as that was, it did not compare to the anxiety I felt aftewards wondering what box out of the numerous ones in garage still left to unpack...was the second set of sheets. I don't remember this coming up in a briefing, do you? LOL

Jen McD said...

Are you ok? I feel so bad about your ankle (call Dylan, at least for weed eating alone!)

SUPER YEA for potty training completion! Don't take it personally. This is one of those areas where it's all on the kid - excellent parenting has no effect on desired outcome. That phrase alone will help me through the teen years too.

I hope your ankle feels better!