Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Big Top

An old-time one ring circus came to town and since not very many things actually come to this town we thought we'd check it out. It was interesting in a very mediocre kind of way.

Here is a picture of what the circus tent looked like. I think it had seen better days.

Simone was not only the trapeze artist, but also announced for other acts, rode a unicycle, and I think even hawked snow cones for awhile.
I was actually impressed with this act. Along with her husband, they also did a juggling bit.
We thought she looked familiar and the realized that she was the one running the bouncy house before the show started. Her juggling husband took our tickets at the door. Are you sensing a theme here? I must say these are probably the hardest-working circus performers I've ever seen. Here is another picture of Simone on the unicycle...on a side note I do believe that the top the man is wearing was meant for someone with a little more ummm, brawn. (To get the full effect, you should click on the picture to see it bigger.)
This is us while we were still having fun. Then the 95 degree weather combined with a tired baby and cranky toddler became too much and we exited as the world's oldest elephants walked in circles.

We'll chalk it up to a life experience. I must say that the circus poster claimed that the show was "Internationally Renowned." They must have been a big hit in Rwanda or Myanmar.

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Jen McD said...

MAN - we miss all the good stuff. Poor umbrawn man. They do sound hard working. I hope the kids enjoyed their one of a kind day!