Sunday, July 6, 2008


Hi Friends,

I'm posting to ask for your prayers for my sweet niece, Kennedy. She is sick and was admitted to the hospital last night. She's had high fevers, been super sleepy, and then developed a hugely swollen gland in her neck. The doctors haven't been able to come up with a diagnosis yet (they think maybe mumps?? Yes, she's been immunized). But after a miserable night in the hospital, my sister is ready to get this figured out and get home for some rest. So if you think of it, please just say a prayer that the doctors will work this out quickly and they can get home soon!

Thanks :)

Here is picture of Kennedy (2 years old) with her big brother Connor (who will turn 7 tomorrow!)

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Gassid Boys said...

We will say a prayer for Kennedy tonight! Keep us updated!