Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This is what Monday looks like around here.

It closely resembles most of the other days of the week as well.

Don't worry, all the beachyness is not causing me to neglect my studies.

We have the beach-going system down to a fine science now. We usually pull the wagon along to hold the towels, toys, and chairs. I study, and the kids do strange things. Like chase birds, and throw wet sand at rocks. Then, because it is not within the realm of possibility that we return to our house with only a moderate amount of sand all over them, the children are stripped of their sandy beachgear at the back door and sent right into the shower to rinse off.

Today during the 10-minute stroll to the beach, I couldn't help but think of how great this summer has been, and what a treat it is to live here. 
I really need to go for a walk with my camera one day soon just to take pictures of the beautiful plants and flowers that grow everywhere.

In other news, last week I got a call from the kids' school inviting Derek to take part in a Kinder-Camp for three days. He'll go on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings this week. Its purpose is to give a little taste of school to help make an easier transition.

Which is good, because I am definitely going to need the help transitioning.

Oh wait. It's for the kids' transition?

I guess that makes sense, but I think it will help me, too.
I can't cry dropping my baby off at Kinder-Camp. It's only for three hours. And then he'll have already "gone to school" for three days, so I probably wont feel the need to cry next week when it starts for realz.
Possibly. Maybe.

It's a win-win.

I'm also hoping that Kinder-Camp's first day includes a lecture on how to wipe your own bottom. I mean, we've been working on it and all, but maybe an outside source will have better tips.

I know I'm probably boring you all to tears with my school countdown. But seriously people, it starts in 8 days.
I don't even know how to feel about it. Both of my babies gone from me at the same time?

My pants are getting excited though, because each day that I've strained to get them buttoned, I keep promising them that once school starts I can return to the gym.
Let's hope they can hold out another week. 

What else?
Oh yes. Pat the Bunny has made it safely back to Michigan after gracing us with her presence for the week.

When she arrived, she showed me her new camera.
Have I mentioned about PtB and technology before?
I'm sure I have. Like here. And here.

Well this new camera was a source for all sorts of troubles this trip. First, her perceived need to photograph everything.
Who are these people that go to the zoo or aquarium and take a picture of every last living creature that exists?
They are my mother in law. She not only took photos of every sea animal, she also took video. Countless minutes of video clips of jellyfish floating in the water. I'm sure they will be very useful in the future.

The best part was when she would zoom in so far on her camera that she would lose sight of whatever it is she wanted to photograph. She was like a pirate with a spyglass combing the sea for a glimpse of what was right in front of her.
You don't want to watch her videos if you get motion sickness easily. They're a wee bit choppy.

She beat me at cribbage, but I schooled her in Bananagrams. Playing word games with her is like taking candy from a baby.
And I'm not above either of those things. I will play the games, I will dominate her, and then I will rub it in like crazy.

I'm nice like that.

I'll leave you with a clip of Alex proud of her new gymnastics skill, and Derek...who knows that it's better to be happy than coordinated. 


The Lumberjack's Wife said...

I want to be your neighbor and my kids can start school with yours and we will go to the gym together. It would be swell!

Erin said...

So mean that you are posting pictures of the beach while we are stuck in our third "desert" in a row! Looks like heaven though.