Thursday, July 19, 2012

Things we've been doing.

 I'll start with the obvious:

- Learning Spanish.  
Tú ves, se necesita mucho tiempo para estudiar un idioma. En vez de tiempo, yo tengo dos hijos. Así que, no hablo muy bien español.


- Appointments, meetings, classes. The stuff life is made of.

- Raising children. You know, being responsible for whether or not the little spawn live or die. No pressure.

- Trying to make difficult (and expensive) decisions about our eldest's too-small mouth and what is to be done about it in light of being overseas for the next little bit.

- Attempting to figure out where he puts it all:

- Contemplating the universe and other intelligent undertakings. (I felt that I should throw that in to make me sound smart. Did it work?)

- Watching my hair grow. Slowly.

- Wondering if I will really be able to leave my baby at school for 6 and a half hours in a row in 2 weeks and 6 days.

And now we're all caught up.
Oh, except for the weather forecast.
10 day forecast highs are as follows: 66, 65, 69, 65, 68, 65, 65, 64, 64, 66

It's like we're not even living on the same planet.


Joyce said...

I don't know where exactly you'll be overseas but we found an American trained orthodontist and dentist in London. The dental training and care are very very different there so we did a little research. It cost literally 4x as much as here but it was worth it. Is there an American Women's Club/International group where you're going...they can often help you find the sort of connections you need. Just a thought...

We are dropping into the low 80's by the weekend-whoohoo!

Ruby said...

Ugh. I am so envious of your weather...can I come move in for a few weeks while St. Louis limps its way through 104 degree temps?

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

My forecast for the next week? 99,97,100,100,100,102

Trying hard not to be bitter right now.

gold said...

Welcome to California :)

Taylor said...

That's crazy, I thought it would be hotter!