Thursday, November 24, 2011

Merry Thanksgiving

I got this email from my husband this morning:

"Happy thanksgiving.  If I don't have pics today, I'll kill you.  Love you"

Well that wasn't very nice, now was it?

But because it's a holiday, and because I love him, I will provide this picture of my favorite 4-year-old riding a trike on a cold Michigan Thanksgiving morning.

I could eat him up.
If there was any room in my belly.

I'd have a picture of my girlie as well, but she was exploring the far reaches of the driveway, and mama was too cold to wait for her to get back.


Here's one of Alex and her cousin Kennedy from last night.

We've all descended upon my Mom & Mark's place for the long weekend.
Yesterday was also Mark's birthday. We had to be creative in the candle department, but the cake tasted good regardless.

He's either 10 or 55. You can guess.

Pretty sure Mark had an awesome birthday.
First I showed up, which makes anyone's day better.
Then we spent the better part of the afternoon hanging out at the Secretary of State. My mom had something she had to do there, and I needed to renew my driver's license while I was still in state.

After waiting in line just to get a number, I received lucky number 94.
The number on the screen at the time was 58.

So that was fun.

And for the third year in a row, he had to pick out his own birthday cake.

But I'm sure my presence more than makes up for that.

Mom and Mark are eating with his family today, and we are all lounging the day away, eating a mini-Thanksgiving meal.
Tomorrow we will indulge in the full meal, so if you don't hear from me it's because I'm in an eating coma.
Hope you all are having a great holiday!

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Sandy said...

your husband saying that he was going to "kill you" might be funny if he wasn't so totally capable of doing so!

happy thanksgiving to you and your entire herd...even those overseas.