Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 58

A Veteran's Day List

1) Alex put together this lovely ensemble the other day, and insisted on a photo.

Charming. Especially the shoe choice.

2) After promising Josh some new pictures of the kids, I told them to get together and smile as we were leaving for Awanas.
I asked them to please have mercy on their mama and just stand still and not be silly for 30 seconds.

They gave me 5.

Then this happened.

And this.

And finally this.


3) For some reason, my husband also requests pictures of me. Maybe because the only times I see him are on Skype when I have bedhead.

Last night there was a squadron coffee, so I snapped an off-centered mirror shot for 2 primary reasons:
-- I fixed my hair
-- I put on makeup

I'm not sure the last time those two things have happened on the same day.

I'm also not sure of the last time those two caterpillars above my eyes have seen the tweezers.

4) Dryer? Who needs a dryer?

Dryers are for the unimaginative.

Why yes, yes there are socks and undies hanging from the foosball table handles.
And no, a tornado did not actually strike our playroom.

The only force of destruction in there is my children. But I will say that they are a force to be reckoned with.

The dryer earning it's keep:

I was optimistic that the part might arrive in the mail today. Until I remembered that the mail doesn't come on Veteran's Day.

5) I've been trying to spend a couple of hours each evening working on Spanish. I have access through the Air Force to a couple of different language learning programs, and I've found lots of online resources too.
So if I don't start a new Words with Friends game with you, it's because I'm enriching my mind.
One taco at a time.

6) Happy Veteran's Day to my hubby who celebrated by flying the friendly skies of Afghanistan.
Except minus the friendly part.
Also, I heard that the chow hall celebrated with a root beer float stand and surf-n-turf.

Though the turf was fried shrimp. Not sure if that really counts.

Are they crazy party animals out there, or what?

Love you baby! I'm so proud of what you do for our country.
And of the way you look in a flight suit.

And out of a flight suit.

But let's keep it PG around here.


taylor said...

Dryer solution?

You are so welcome.

Christina said...

Love it.
Thank you for what your husband and your family do and sacrifice. Words are not really enough!!

Sally said...

Awesome - I showed Duane your picture of the clothes hanging everywhere and he immediately said "Does she need me to come over and look at her dryer?" Before I reminded him that, ahem, you now live in NC, not around the corner! But how sweet of him to offer, eh?

Joyce said...

I've been at my moms so not online too much but I did want to say a great big thank you to your husband and to you too!

I love the shoes...so something my own girls would have done : )

I am jodaley on wwf...when you get tired of Spanish.