Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 67

I think I need to take Goldsboro, NC off of my weather channel homepage. It's depressing to see 70 degrees and sunny reported when it's actually 39 degrees and raining outside the window.

Why can't my family be from somewhere warmer?

Speaking of family, here are the promised pictures of my sweet little nephew.

He's a smiley little fella.
Except when plopped down between his cousins-- then he is understandably terrified.

Tonight PtB and I will begin gaming. Probably bananagrams so I can assert my dominance.
Then I will leave her in defeat as tomorrow the kids and I are making the trek across the state.

My mom was able to score me an appointment with her hair stylist tomorrow, which is big news if you recollect how many times in the recent past I've complained about needing a haircut.
I've worn a ponytail for the last month or so, because frankly it's been my only option.

In other news...
-- I am still coughing and blowing.
-- Longest lasting cold. Ever.
-- I raked leaves today for almost an hour and barely made a dent.
-- PtB has too many trees.
-- Alex and I have been getting school done in the mornings while Grandma is at work.
-- Derek has been doing a strange robot dance.

Here is a picture of my boys.

That's Josh on the left, and obviously Derek on the right.
It's easy to see that Alex looks a lot like her daddy, but harder for us to see exactly who Derek takes after sometimes. But I thought that they looked quite a bit alike in these photos.
Maybe just the mischievous smiles or the ghetto haircuts given by their mamas.
Josh is older in that picture, so Derek has some more tiny infant baby chub to his face, but I think that he's looking like his daddy.

Which will make some lady very happy in 20 40 years.
Because I have a very handsome husband. Whom I miss.

Hey Joshie, are you getting a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving?
Also, can I call you Joshie on the blog?



Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures!!!!!! Alex is so beautiful and Derek a little cutie. (nephew cute, too!!)

Hope your cold gets better sooner rather than later. I had the same problem for WEEKS, finally saw my doc as I am on a flight later this week.....left with antibiotics, prednisone....

Safe travels as you go to your mom's and hooray for a trip to the salon.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and yours

Anna from NC (yep, our weather has been great this week!!)

Via said...

I LOVE the last one of your nephew! Great photo!

I am also sick. I feel your pain! Sadly, I'm in charge of hosting Thanksgiving this year...hope my eaters don't mind the germs!

Jessica said...

I think you mean AWESOME robot dance.

Anonymous said...

I love bananagrams! Best game ever! Although, my 11 year old can beat me at times. Grr. Hurray for the hair cut! Hair cuts just help everything. Happy Thanksgiving!