Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 55


All of a sudden I'm feeling a pressing need to learn Spanish.
The good news-- I have about a year and half to learn it.
The bad news-- It seems kinda hard.

Tonight I tried to order my food in Spanish at Taco Tuesday.
Or, Taco Martes.

Good thing the word "taco" is universal.

We had a busy day with lots of errands. I missed talking to Josh because we were out of the house, and by the time we got home he'd had to go to sleep.

When we first joined the Air Force, typical deployments were 4 months long. Now 6 months is the norm, and frankly that's kind of a bummer.
If it were a 4 month deployment, we would be almost to the halfway point.

Instead we have a mutual agreement not to talk about "when you get home" kind of things because it's still too far away.
Hopefully we'll both stay busy enough to help the time go by, and with learn a new language added to our to-do list, it should help.

Josh has a really short list.
1) Stay alive.
2) Learn Spanish.

Easy breezy.

I think it's hitting me, just now, how much I have to do between now and next week when we leave for Michigan.

Oh, and the dryer is still a work in progress. I conceded that I needed outside help in the form of someone who had, and knew how to use, a multi-meter to check the many different thermostats and thermal fuses that live behind my dryer.
I have learned more than I ever thought I would about this particular home appliance.
So now the troublesome part has been identified and is en route to my home.

Keep your fingers crossed that this takes care of the problem.
Or else I'm going to be showing up to PtB's house with a van-full of dirty laundry.

In keeping with the random tone of this post, can you guess who this little sweetie is?

Here's a hint.

I love babies that don't live at my house.
I'm sad that Camille, and the rest of her family, are going to be leaving next week for their assignment in California.

Saying goodbye to friends is another tough part of this lifestyle. But having the opportunity to make good friends is a perk. There is nothing like a military community for turning new acquaintances into "family" at a rapid pace. 
There isn't any time to lose, after all. 
If you haven't just arrived, you're probably on your way out. 

It will likely be several weeks before we get our RNLTD (report no later than date) for language school, but there's some possibility that we'll be pulling out of here before we reach the 2 year mark in North Carolina. 

It's definitely an adventure. 

I think I've rambled pointlessly long enough. 
Josh, new pictures tomorrow. 

Note to self: take some pictures tomorrow.



Taylor said...

Beautiful pictures! You must have copied some of my photog skillz.

Sally said...

Have you guys looked into the Rosetta Stone program? I know several families who have used it - it's a bit pricey, but you can get it through AAFES - might give you something to listen to in all of your spare time... you know, since you're going on vacation and all!

Again... hopelessly excited and jealous of you all at the same time!

Anonymous said...

Mi hija hermosa, estoy tan orgullosa de ti y no te pierdas la posibilidad de estar cerca para ayudarle con las cosas, mientras que su marido está ausente. Espero que su visita aquí en Michigan y no puedo esperar para celebrar mis nietos

Te quiero mucho papá

Sandy said...

Happy Veterans' Day Schore Family

Jamie said...

Thinking of you and your precious family this Veterans day. Thank you for the many sacrifices you are making for our nation.

Beautiful pictures of Miss Camille! :)

And, congratulations on Spain!!! How exciting. Chica, that transition is going to make for some fantastic blog material!! LOL! Love keeping up with your family, mi amiga! ;)