Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 63

This will be short, because I took Nyquil about 15 minutes ago. That leaves about 10 minutes until I'm loopy and nonsensical.

Now that I think about it, you probably wont be able to tell much of a difference between my normal blogging and drugged blogging.
And that's not saying much about how y'all spend your free time.

I am feeling better, but still having enough cold symptoms to get away with one more night of Nyquil, especially since I want a good night's sleep before our trip.
We'll be comin' round the mountains driving through the mountains tomorrow on our way north. There will be lots of S-curves and semi trucks chugging up, then flying down the hills.

(That last sentence was for my mom, who gets freaked out by driving in the mountains. Hi, Mom!)

Like every other trip I've ever been on, I planned to have my house clean before leaving.
And like every other trip I've ever been on, that's not going to happen.
But the good news is that when I come home to my unclean house, I will probably be so sick of living with my family that I will be glad to get home, even to a house that's dirty!

Wait. That didn't come out the way I meant it.

What I meant is that I will be so refreshed from time with family, and all that help with the kids, that I will be excited to get home and mop the floor!


I'd fill you in on the last couple of days, but really it's been a blur of cold medicines and endless errands. Something like this:
Dayquil, Preschool, Oil Change, Homeschool, Motrin, Change Sheets, Return library books, Nyquil, Dance Class, Get Gas & Air in Tires, Dayquil, Pack, Awanas, Load Van, Nyquil


My dryer is working.

I would have used bold font and underlined it, but I'm still not 100% sure that there is not some other underlying problem that caused the initial problem in the first place.

But let's not take away from the fact that I did, indeed, get my dryer put back together and it is currently able to dry my clothes with a carefully placed fire extinguisher sitting nearby.


I will try to update tomorrow from a hotel room somewhere in West Virginia.
Providing that the state of West Virginia knows about the internet and has access to it. You never know about that place.
(Just kidding, Melanie.)


Sandy said...

i am glad that you were not driving today with all of those storms blowing through...save travels!

Anonymous said...

Good luck....be careful and God bless!!

Oh, and HAVE FUN!!!

Anna from NC

Joyce said...

Safe travels! I always have good intentions of leaving my house clean too...sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn't. Hope you feel better soon and yay for a working dryer!

Laura said...

safe travels, friend!!!

aTXtumbleweed said...

Have a Great Trip!!

Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

Have a safe trip! I know what you mean about wanting to leave with a clean house and that not happening. Somehow in my rush to get things together and packed I end up making an even bigger mess. Oh well. Have fun!!

Erin said...

lol, love the WV comment. When we visited my brother and SIL (who is from WV and why they live there), we got to experience some homemade apple pie moonshine.

melanie21 said...


melanie21 said...