Monday, February 14, 2011

Poo Oil

Sorry for the delay, folks. I tried to post on Friday night, but decided I would rather go to sleep. Not that my faithful reader(s) aren't worth me staying up!
But I was sleepy, you see.

Then we went out of town for the weekend, which will require it's own post. Maybe I'll get to it some time in the spring.

 But first-- back to CruiseReview 2011!
Don't worry, it was a short cruise and we're almost done. Plus the longer it takes me to blog about it, the less I remember.

Our first full day on the ship found us docked at Nassau, Bahamas.
We got a late start, because we splurged for only the most inexpensive stateroom, known as the interior stateroom.
Benefits of said room:
1) Cheapness
2) No window = easy to sleep in

We woke up eventually, and started our day with a food that I could eat all day, every day:
(Sorry about the sideways picture. I'm too lazy to go fix it. Besides, I'm sure you all know what bacon looks like. Unless you're a vegetarian. And to you I say: You aren't really living until you've had bacon.)

I had a made-to-order omelet as a side dish to my bacon.

Ode to Bacon

Strips of lard
You taste so good
I'd eat you daily
If I could

Now where was I?
Oh yes, breakfast. 

This was our view while we ate.

Not too shabby, eh?

When we finished bacon-fest, we made our way off the ship.

 I realize that I look kind of odd in this picture. It was windy and I was precaiously perched above water. Which is my excuse for why I am standing with my legs apart while wearing a skirt. With flip-flops.

Leave me alone people, I had no one to impress in Nassau.

Besides, it's my signature pose.

 We then meandered through the marketplace. 
I was trying to find a few trinkets for the kids, but I couldn't get Heather out of this shop:

Just kidding. 
She didn't shop there. 
And we have no idea what poo oils are. 
I even googled it and still don't know. And I can't recommend googling it either. There are some weird websites out there.

I can't explain this picture, except that I can't pass a cut-out without sticking my head in it.

When we got off the ship, we saw a big bridge that went over to the famous Atlantis hotel.
We thought we would walk that direction to take a look around the hotel.

 By the time we got to the middle of the bridge, we came to the realization that it was much, much farther that we originally estimated.

Here is Heather holding our cruise ship in her hand from the top of the bridge.

And here is where we were headed.

We did eventually arrive at the hotel-- sweaty and out of sorts.
Did I mention we were wearing flip flops?

We decided a stop for a drink was just what we needed to feel refreshed.

And then we took a cab back to the port.

Here is a little treasure I almost bought while we were shopping-- any guesses as to what it is exactly?

I have a better picture that I will show you after you guess.
To the winner goes the rights to buy a lovely house in Idaho!
You're welcome!

Our feet and legs were hurting so badly by the time we got back on the ship that we headed right up to the hot tub for a nice long soak. By "headed right up" I mean just as soon as we had grabbed a couple of mojitos.

What? I heard they're good for sore muscles.

Heather tossed her straw aside and then looked like she was drinking a salad by the time she finished hers.
It was funny.


We met an interesting crowd in the hot tub-- some guy from Columbia who spoke zero English, a family who ended up on the cruise last-minute when flights to their original South American destination were canceled, and finally a social worker from Miami and her cousin-- a stripper.

We fit right in.

 The next morning we woke up and hobbled off to what ended up being my favorite day on the cruise-- post coming up soon sometime!
But I can assure you that my legs and feet hurt so bad that if you told me that rubbing poo oil on them would help, I would have done it.


Christina said...

Flip-flops and skirts...totally acceptable! I think you have more stories about your visit to the hot tub. Are you going to share them? :)

Rachel said...

As a vegetarian the ONLY food that I miss is bacon. There are days I wake up and think to myself, "self, you could eat bacon all day today." Seriously. I love bacon. I adore bacon. I wish I could be a vegetarian who just eats bacon. It is a tough call some days. Alas, no. I have to tell you, I think that bacon is my siren song and that some day it will be the meat that caves me.

Erin said...

tooth fairy?

Anonymous said...

A naked mermaid salt shaker for PTB.

And you were walking on the wild side! The mother in me wanted to yell at you for standing on that edge. The wind could have pushed you over!


Me and Mr. Wright said...

I know you spoke of the crazy festivals in your current location you attended over Christmas, and since you love Bacon so much, I formally invite you to Enid, OK in May for Baconalia. Thats right, a bacon festival. Chocolate covered bacon, a meal consisting solely of mounds of bacon. Its real.


Sally said...

I'm kind of ashamed that I actually know what Poo Oil is... and its only because a dear friend in Florida owned a hoity-toity boutique (you know, the kind only rick Florida grandmas can afford to shop in) and they sold Poo Oil... what it is, is oil you put inside your toilet bowl and then when you, er, poo... and flush (this would be difficult for some boys in my family to remember to do, unfortunately) the scent of the oil (hopefully) releases and covers up the smell of said poo.


You are welcome.