Sunday, November 15, 2009

Screen Daddy

This is Screen Daddy:

**Public Service Announcement**
Don't zoom in on that picture. For some unknown reason, when the guys deploy they like to do odd things like shave their heads or grow strange facial hair. Josh opted for the latter, and is growing a pedophile mustache. It's sparse, it's creepy, and it will be gone before he returns.
** This has been a Public Service Announcement**

Back to Screen Daddy.
He's not as huggable as regular Daddy, but we are so happy that we can communicate while he's gone and that the kids can see and hear him.
We get to talk about every other day, and the kids do their part to make him feel less homesick by acting like wild monkeys while we Skype.
They have it down to an art form, the same way they act when I'm on a phone call. They get louder, whinier, and downright meaner. Unlike monkeys, they stop just short of flinging poop, but I wouldn't completely rule it out as a future concern.

Josh's dad and I took those same monkeys to Chuck-E-Cheese the other day. Or, Chuck-E-Cheezitz, as Alex thinks it's called. I pretty much left Boppa on his own while I took over the Deal or No Deal game. It's quite addicting. Also, I rocked the basketball game too, got it into double overtime.
What? It's a children's game?
I guess I'm not so proud anymore.

Anyway, this particular Chuck's had one toddler game that was very generous with tickets. Like, so generous that I think it was probably set up wrong. Alex walked away with plenty of treats after cashing in her tickets. This lollipop thrilled her to no end.

Derek got a twisty straw and thought he hit the jackpot. Silly boy.

This weekend, we made the move from Pat the Bunny's over to my mom's place. She and Mark live a little off the beaten path you might say. And since today is the opening day of gun season, I think I'd better go prepare my all-orange wardrobe so that I will be safe walking out to the mailbox.

I will miss the PTB blog fodder, but I'm sure my weird family will fill in the gaps.



Heather and Scott said...

Oh, so Deal-or-no-Deal got you again!! I tried to "figure it out" last time I was at Chuck E Cheese. You know, the same girls always give the frowny faces meaning they have bad suitcases...well, it didn't work. I got 4 tickets. I think my kids were wondering aimlessly at this point.

Jen McD said...

Deal or No Deal is addicting. Please tell Josh that small critters are not allowed in our apartment ;-)

You should be happy - it keeps the girls at bay.

Rachel said...

Nice 'stache Josh. What is with men when they deploy? They become fascinated with their ability to grow facial hair. It's weird.

cardiogirl said...

Your kids and photos are so beautiful! And this, by far, was my absolute favorite line of the posts on your front page:

"Josh opted for the latter, and is growing a pedophile mustache."