Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fall, Take 2

One of the benefits to being here in Michigan is getting to experience a second fall.
(The other benefits, if you recall, are access to prescription pain killers and making fun of Pat the Bunny.)

There are so many more trees here than in Idaho, and Alex was excited to be able to form a pile of leaves big enough to jump in.

Pat the Bunny blowing a pile for them:

Derek Joshua:

On an unrelated topic, I've eaten so much Halloween candy that I can't stomach the thought of one more KitKat.
And it takes a lot of candy to get me to that point.
More than I want to think about.

, I ate at PF Chang's today for the first time ever. Yes, ever. I know, I know.
It was yummy. The kids and I met Josh's dad there. We shared the lettuce wraps and I had the sesame chicken lunch bowl. Derek had a bowl of steamed rice and had it covering his entire being, and a good portion of the floor. Alex had an attitude, and some lo mein.

And now I've gotta go bathe some kids. I hate to think of all of the places I will likely find grains of rice on/in that boy.


Jen McD said...

First time ever? I must apologize for not being a friend to you in Idaho. You should have been years ago. Did you love it? Robyn has a great recipe for the lettuce wraps!

Grandma Pat is workin smarter and not harder with the leaf pile. Genius!

Happy Mommy said...

Is it Chinese or something?

Enjoy the leaf piles and the awesome pictures you are going to get!