Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Casa de M&M

So the kids are getting all settled here at Mark and Mom's place. I'll just refer to them as M&M. Because I'm lazy. And I like candy.
The house has an interesting design, and actually has 5 different levels. The hide and seek possibilities are endless.

Alex disappeared to a different level yesterday and came back wearing this:

I've no idea from whence it came. Nor did I have any idea what that white stuff in Alex's mouth was.
So I asked her.
"It's a bite of string cheese, mama. I'm sucking on it." This was about a half an hour after she had "eaten" the cheese.
I told her that she was strange.
She did this:

I think she's preparing me for her teenage years.

Anyway, M&M were worried that the kids wouldn't have enough to play with here, so they gave them an early Christmas with new toys to keep them entertained.
In typical fashion, the boxes were a big hit.

Meet Mark's best side:

I crack myself up.
Get it?
Yes, I'm 13.
I shouldn't be so mean, he spent an hour trying to get that toy put together.

And Alex has been loving it. She has created all sorts of...stuff.

Here she is at the store we set up in the hallway. I was the cashier and she bought me out of all of my stock.

Want to know about a special gift I have? I can read minds. Right now, as my mom is reading this post I can tell you exactly what she is thinking:
"Erin, why didn't you move the vacuum before you took this picture?"

Just to mess with you, mom.

30 years is a long time to get to know someone, and my mom has plenty of quirks that I shall exploit for blogging purposes.
Wait for it.

Happy Tuesday to you!


js said...

I believe I showed up in the background of a picture on your blog back around August, wearing a shirt which had pink in it. I now realize I am in your debt for your not saying all the things you could have said.

Jen McD said...

Alex is such a character! She really should be in modeling with all her precious "faces"

Happy Mommy said...

Marina creates a lot of "artwork" too. She likes to send her to her cousins. Do you want to swap addresses and give the girls a stamp and envelope once a week to send their creations to each other?