Thursday, June 7, 2012

Some catching up...

Josh has been home from Afghanistan for 12 weeks now, and I am about 12 weeks overdue in saying thank you!
After he got home, we went through all of the things he brought back with him.
(Thankfully, his sheets and towels did not come home. You don't want to know how many times they were laundered in the 6 months he was gone.


Okay, I'll tell you.
The sheets-- ONCE.

Once in 6 months.)

Anyway. Among the things he brought back were cards and letters that people had sent him. And I was so touched by how many of you, dear blog readers, who have never met our family in person, wrote to Josh and sent him packages.
How kind and thoughtful!
Thank you so much. 

Here are my myriad of excuses for why I have neglected to say that any time in the past 12 weeks:

(But not eating children)
Other stuff

I am really good at excuses.

And now that we're settled in and I can make up for lost time-- we're starting the process for our next move.
Clearances and paperwork that we quite literally just did have to be done again. The calendar has to be consulted, and Josh has to work with his current and future bosses both here and in Europe to arrange for this transition to Spain.

We have a 6 month window between December and May in which we could be moving, and I have no idea when we'll know for sure.
In the meantime, we'll keep enjoying Monterey and all it has to offer. Which is a lot. Holla.

One other thing I realized that I haven't blogged about-- Derek has been eating more and more milk products these days. For those of you who didn't know, he's had food allergies to milk, eggs, and peanuts ever since he was a peanut. 
But currently, as a more grown-up tiny infant baby toddler, a mature nut if you will,  he has been able to eat more and more things. In the past couple of weeks, he has developed a love for cheese (like his mama!) and has even had regular yogurt, and a small bowl of ice cream!
We are so happy for him :) I still remember the day I got the call from the allergy clinic with his test results. I was so sad.
If you could have only seen how sweet he has always been about not getting the treats that his sister gets, or how happily he would eat a fruit-snack when the other kids had cake and ice cream; I just love that he's able to indulge more now. 


Sarah @ Confessions of a Slacker Mom said...

My daughter has milk, egg, and almond allergies. She's only 2 but I had somewhat given up hope on her ever outgrowing the milk & egg allergies. (It's very doubtful she'll outgrow almond, she's extremely allergic.) But she has fairly mild reactions to milk so thanks the boost in hope today. PS, I love your blog. I'm a stalker but I just adore your writing. :)

Anonymous said...

Derek sounds like the CUTEST boy ever.
I shudder at the thought of having a son due to their destructive high level energies, but if sons were as adorable and sweet as your Derek I'm totally changing my mind...

I'm Erin. said...

Sarah, it might help to know that Derek was VERY allergic to milk, yet he's still outgrowing it! He also eats foods with eggs if they're baked into it (like cakes and muffins). I think he's outgrowing that one too, but I didn't want to offer too much at once. My niece also had the same allergies, and had outgrown both her egg and milk allergies around age 5. So keep hoping-- your little one might just need some more time and then life can get easier :). Unfortunately it seems that most nut allergies just won't go away. Boo!
Thanks for reading!

Jennifer said...

Are you out of your first trimester too? ;)

Taylor said...

Holy cow are you pregnant?
You are now a blogging machine. Strong work.