Saturday, June 9, 2012


On Friday, our first day with no school, the kids picked another visit to the aquarium for the afternoon outing. This was convenient, as we were out of milk and there is a grocery store on the way home.

Alex likes the part of the aquarium where you can touch the starfish, decorator crabs, and especially the sea cucumber. It is satisfactorily smooshie. It would make a good stress-toy, if it did not constitute animal cruelty.
This visit we learned that sea cucumbers breathe out of their anus. Don't say you never learn anything here.

Derek does not like touching any of the aminals, even the ones that hilariously breathe out of their butts.

Today we had lots of fun around town. Today also happens to be our eleventh anniversary!
We are so old

It has been a lovely eleven years, and I think we are in the best season of life to date. I will undoubtedly think this even more in 2 months when the children are in school and I am experiencing the sound of silence for the first time in 7 years.

Hello darkness, my old friend...

Only without the darkness. Just some dang peace and quiet.

Back to today.
We started our day with me sleeping in until 9:39. Holla!
Then we drove north about 20 minutes to go to a farmer's market that everyone keeps talking about.
I love me some fruit, and the young ones do as well.
Here was our spread...

2 bags of cherries, 1 bag of grapes, nectarines, apricots, a bag of kiwi, a bag of plums, a bag of avocados, bell peppers, strawberries, and buried under all of it were a couple containers of raspberries.
All fresh and yummy, and all for $25!

This afternoon we ventured out again, this time back to the library.
Instead of driving we took the trolley.

It runs all summer long, and it's free. I love free.

We hopped on and rode it to downtown Monterey, where there is a stop near the library.

In my defense, Josh did not give the "say cheese" command. I certainly intended to smile, and not look as if I have a lazy eye.

City Hall is across from the library, and this bear was calling their names.

This is Alex. 

Then we decided that since it's our anniversary, and since I'm no good at moving to a new town and finding a babysitter, we would just take them along for our anniversary dinner.

What could be more delightful, I ask?

Nothing at all.

Except maybe a dinner without them.

Happy Anniversary to my love! I would marry you all over again!
Because I'm obviously a glutton for punishment...



Anonymous said...

Happy 11!!

Jen mcd

Anonymous said...

I'm a bad Dad. Another big occasion I forgot. Love you guys so much.. Can't wait to see you at the end of ten month

Joyce said...

Happy Anniversary! Ours is next weekend. We will be dining sans kids although mine are grown and I wouldn't mind if they tagged along.

Christina said...

Happy Anniversary! So awesome that you got to spend it together!!

Taylor said...

The picture of the kids eating with you is HI-larious.

Anonymous said...

If you guys set your cameras on timer you can all squeeze into photos! Looking back I regret all the photos missing one person.