Friday, June 1, 2012


I don't know what's in the air in California, but something has happened to my children.
They're crazy.

They have a lot of energy these days. A lot.
They run around the house, screeching and wrestling. I've never seen them quite so...physical...before.

So I try to make it a point to get them outside every day to burn off some energy. This is a sacrifice for me, as I would prefer to stay in my robe keeping my coffee cup company. Leaving the house is so overrated.
Is it too much to ask that a 4 and 7 year old simply want to sit quietly, read books, and play board games after which they would clean up all associated games pieces?

I was afraid of that.

So we either walk down the hill to the beach, or a couple blocks up the hill to the playground.

Remember how glad I was to get the minivan? We'll we've driven it twice in 2 weeks.
I really like being able to walk everywhere. Things we can walk to: beach, aquarium, grocery store, drug store, restaurants, church, parks, and 7-11. Holla, slurpees.

Oh, and the Baskin Robbins. Which is not a good thing.

A couple days ago the kids and I decided on the beach. I brought my Spanish workbook along and they brought some buckets & shovels. They have a great time out there. I love to watch them run and explore, and even yell a little (while not within 3 feet of my ears).
We had the spot all to ourselves since it was the middle of a weekday. Unfortunately we had to cut our time there short when Buster fell in the Pacific.

Have you seen Arrested Development? There's a character in that show who is an adult man who is totally dependent on his mother, and not all that sharp either. Josh often refers to our dear son as Buster since he's kind of a mama's boy and he occasionally shows his, well, less intelligent side.

And that day on the beach, my little Buster was climbing on some rocks because his sister insisted he come and see the starfish she had found. A rather sizeable wave came in, and though he was safe from getting wet on the rock, instead of waiting for the water to abate he panicked and took a leaping dive toward the shore, landing in the water.
It was in the low 60's that day, and windy, so we had to wrap him up and walk home for a warm shower.

Poor Buster.

Today we walked to the aquarium again; it still hasn't lost its appeal with them.
It even makes Derek seem a little smarter.
He may not know if he pooped or not*, but his little mind can wrap around the undersea world.

 He gets amusing smiles from other aquarium-goers as they overhear him using all the ocean lingo.

Mom! Over here-- we've got to find the Mediterranean jellies! They have the short tentacles. Next can we see the kelp forest? Oooh, the alligator pipefish!

He's my little aqua-nerd.

* Poop story: So Derek announced that he needed to poop. He always announces this. He can't possibly go poop without letting me know.
Mainly because I'm needed to do the wiping.
(We have not yet begun wiping training, but it needs to be completed by August 8th. Any volunteers?)
So he announced, and I told him what I tell him every day:  

Derek, go poop. You don't have to tell me, just call me when you're done.

D: Okay mama. 

Me (pop quiz): Derek, what did I just tell you about pooping?

D: Huh?

A couple minutes later he calls out, Mama! I didn't have any poop.

False alarm.

Hours later, I go into the bathroom and see a turd floating in the pot. No toilet paper.
So I question the wee lad about it.

Oh. I didn't think I had any poop. I fought it was just a toot.

Well, you fought wrong my love.
But what's a few skid marks among friends?

I love my little Buster. He is still the sweetest thing around.

Here are my crazies after a fun last night at Awana.

They had their awards banquet. Alex had been nervous about doing a song on stage, but as soon as she got up there she was waving and singing her heart out.

Derek was that kid that yells from the stage the whole time. First it was just saying hi to mom and dad. Then after he got his ribbon and bag with candy he had to tell his sister all about it. Alex, there's candy in here! Alex! Alex! I got a ribbon! 

I might be biased, but I thought it was really cute :)

Next year he'll be moving up to Sparkies! I can't believe they're going to let a tiny infant baby into the Sparks group...



Anonymous said...

"...and see a turd floating in the pot." HAHAHAHA oh this blog keeps me laughing all day long.

Christina said...

The things they let tiny babies do these days!
And I had a similar poop experience today. (That came out wrong. Not "I" as in I did not know whether or not I pooped, but...Eliana went potty and later I found a surprise in the toilet. At least it's in the toilet, right?! I am with you on the wiping business. That is one thing that tiny babies should NOT be allowed to do. ;)

Christina said...

Also, I just knew you were going to say that he hollered out that the jellies had testicles.

The Lumberjack's Wife said...

Do you know how many times I see toilet paperless poo floating in the toilet?
I never even attempt to find the culprit.

Megan said...

I'm so envious of your ability to walk so many places - I love walking! And now I want a Slurpee and some ice cream!!

Anonymous said...

You guys need more family photos! Ones that include ALL FOUR of you! Those are the best!

Nicole said...

why why why do I delay in catching up on your posts? Just too hilarious!