Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Happy-nings

Here are a few things that are making me happy on this fine Saturday. In no particular order...

1) I can see a cruise ship from my bedroom window today.

In other words, I live in a place that other people visit on their vacations.
Not too shabby.

Have I mentioned that Monterey is beautiful? Because it is.
And it is still sunny and 60's. Seems so strange for late June weather, but I'm not complaining.

2) My claw-foot bathtub.

It's deep. I took my first swim in it tonight.

3) Our antique stove. Now, many of you will be surprised that I care anything at all about a kitchen appliance that doesn't directly put food into my mouth. But many of you also know my lifelong struggle with making pancakes.
Well, ye olde antique stove has a griddle right in the middle of it. And it makes pancake cooking delightful. Just ask my family, as we had chocolate chip pancakes yesterday for dinner

Do you know what Alex asked as she was wiping off the traces of chocolate chips from her nose? 

Can we have dessert?

 Josh had to break it to her that anytime our dinner consists of chocolate chips and syrup, you've already had dessert. 

Lookie here, quick and easy quesadilla.

4) Moss Landing Farmer's Market. 

I'm in inexpensive fruit heaven. 

This plus watermelons, peaches, bell peppers, asparagus...
So much food. $23. 

I want to go every day.

5) It's been 5 weeks since our mini-van arrived from North Carolina. We had to fill it up with gas that day, since it has to be transported on an empty tank. 
And the gas tank is still on full. 
From 5 weeks ago. 

Hermitting at it's finest.  

6) Sorry. 

You know, the board game. We picked it up the other day and have enjoyed playing with the kiddos. 

Well, with the exception of having to remind the children when it is their turn. Every time. And Derek has some type of inner mechanism failure that prevents him from being able to sit still by the game to wait his turn. 
I think the technical term is Fouryearoldboyitis.

7) Visitors! We're getting them tomorrow. Excited to show my Dad & Cindy the new digs. Glad to be in a place where there's plenty to do. 



Joyce said...

Sorry-my oldest would cry every time she needed to send someone home. It was so funny : ) Now in Monopoloy she turned into some kind of slum lord and showed no mercy but Sorry about put her over the edge.

Enjoy your visitors!

Taylor said...

I am jeaous

Christina said...

Have you ever put powdered sugar on your chocolate chip pancakes? So good! :)
I love breakfast for dinner!
I miss having little driving to do...our gas costs have badrupled.
Have fun with your dad and Cindy!!

Anonymous said...

So happy that your life seems wonderful. You deserve it all! The adorable kids, the handsome husband who shows up in the evening, and the paradise home to live in.
Enjoy it all.
May your deeds dance in the green bay.