Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Good Morning, Wednesday!
Link up with Joyce for the Hodgepodge today-- she supplies the questions, you give the answers.

Simple enough, no?

1. If you could work for any one government agency which would you choose and why? (if you're in the US here's a helpful list)

I clicked on the list. And now I want to make a new government agency responsible for the dissolution of the multitude of unnecessary agencies. Look no further than the first page-- there is a department called the Administration on Aging. 
Newsflash-- I don't need government help to get old. Turns out the gray hairs are popping up all on their own.

2. How difficult is it for you to forgive someone who refuses to apologize?

Turns out I'm pretty forgetful, so give it enough time and I wont even remember.

3. What is your favorite meatless supper?

The kind someone else makes. Maybe pizza-- minus the pepperoni, of course.

4. Wednesday August 10th is National Lazy Day...will you be celebrating? If so, tell us how so we can be lazy too. 
I didn't know! I'll have to alter my plans today. 
Actually, now that I think of it, my plans will probably fit right in with National Lazy Day. 

5. As a child did you have any special back to school traditions and if so, what were they? If you're a parent did you carry on those traditions with your own children? 
We always had a painful picture taking session with my mother. She was by far the worst at taking pictures. She would take 10 minutes to snap one shot. Granted, you had to be more picky back then with film cameras, since you couldn't just "delete" what you didn't like. But still. 
And we had to say Snuffleupagus instead of cheese. 
You know, from Sesame Street.

Last year on Alex's first day of kindergarten the bus came early and I didn't get to take the picture. Then Josh followed the bus to school in his car. 

This year will be hard to choose which day is the "First Day of School" since we've been working a little bit through the summer. Maybe we'll commemorate our homeschooling year with a photo in pajamas.

6. Write a summer tongue twister.

Hot humid heat, hence heinous huge head of hair. 

7. Would you be interested in observing a surgery or do you turn away when the nurse brings out the needle?

As a nursing student, I enjoyed being present for certain surgeries, as I thought them interesting. 
One surgery I never want to see is anything involving orthopedics. The surgeon's toolkit consists of hammers and mallets you might expect to see in a garage. 

Oh, and I once watched a cesarean section birth. And for all of you mamas out there who had one-- you deserved much, much more sympathy.

8. Insert your own random thought here. 
 I love me some Beth Moore.

My favorite clip ever:



Bobbi said...

Your tongue twister cracked me up!

Joyce said...

That's my favorite Beth Moore story too. The government agencies are pretty ridicunkulous-just reading the list made me think of a way we could add trillions to the treasury!

My mil is famous for bad picture taking. Most of the time she gets the tip top of our heads and the bulk of the picture is whatever we were standing in front of : )

Tammy Doane said...

I didn't click on the list-but now with your answer I'm gonna-
:) Tongue twister

Amiee said...

My Dad used to work at a medical supply company, and he would show me all the lovely artificial pieces that go into peoples bodies. Freaked me right out!

I would love to start following you, but I don't see that as an option anywhere?

skoots1mom said...

awww, i wanted to be a pilot...congrats on marrying one ;)
love me some Beth, too!
great twister!

Rudd Family Circus said...

You are brilliant for looking up a list of government agencies....I wish I had thought of that. Mine that I listed probably aren't even correct...lol... oh well
I am so glad I read your blog and I found this HodgePodgeness because I am atleast guaranteed one post a week now :)

js said...

I wonder if the Administration for Native Americans thinks it's superior to the Bureau of Indian Affairs because its name is politically correct. They probably both think they're superior to the Indian Arts and Crafts Board.

'licious said...

i have been reading your blog for a while. you inspired me to join in on the hodgepodgeness.

Anonymous said...

Naturally curly hair...meet humidity! LOVED your tongue twister!

Anonymous said...

Love you Erin! Your blog NEVER fails to make me smile. I'm really weird because I would have loved to film my own cesarean, but of course they wouldn't let me. I think it would have been so cool! All I saw was a sheet:( Anyway,I had three of them suckers, hence why there will be no more little sprouts:)