Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We've been having a fun weekend, and I'm not ready for it to end.

Thanksgiving dinner on Friday was a success, despite my bringing Stovetop stuffing.
I didn't feel too badly about it until my friend Ashlei showed up with her homemade cornbread stuffing, which was totally delicious.
You know, Ashlei with the 2 year old boy and 3 month old twins.

Remember them?

Well they are even cuter now, and Caleb's sweet little dimple is still charming everyone.

She had to make a special trip to the store, with her children, to get the ingredients and then she spent all afternoon cooking.

I boiled some water and fluffed with a fork.

The bad news? I'm totally content in my role as an underachiever.
And of course, I ate Ashlei's stuffing and not mine, so it was a win-win for me.

Here we are squinting into the sun, bedecked in our Chiefs' green.

Most of the squadron was there. The dinner was held at "The Family Place" on base, which is a former wing commander home that was converted into a place to hold such events.
The back yard was a kids' paradise.

Which is good because there are well over 50 kids in the squadron, and more on the way.
There is one crazy brave no, I'm going to stick with crazy, lady who has 3 daughters ages 4 and under, and is expecting a 4th while the guys are deployed!
So when I start to feel sorry for myself, I just think of her.

(Really, she has a terrific attitude and is excited about the new addition despite being on her own.)

Drag got his holidays confused and thought we were celebrating both Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Here is just one room of tables where we all feasted.
There were several others as well.

We all had a good time, especially Derek who was the biggest mess I had ever seen him and was just so proud of that fact. He had discarded his shoes somewhere between the bounce house and the choo-choo and reveled in getting himself just as dirty as possible.
His sister, meanwhile, was hanging out in the kitchen sampling each and every dessert.

Ah, a girl after my own heart.

It will be nice to remind the kids of how they had Thanksgiving with Daddy when we are celebrating the real holiday without him.

In other news, here is Alex all ready for her first dance class of the new season.

She had a good time, and afterward Josh took her out for an impromptu date at the Chik-fil-A. She was too excited about telling me that she got both chocolate milk and an ice cream cone to remember much about dance class.

Then I enjoyed my Saturday afternoon away at the baby shower for my friend Katie, and after that we went to church.

Whew! It was like the opposite of hermitville around here, was it not?

Today we slept in, swam for a bit, and now Josh is napping while I'm blogging and the kids are having quiet time. Tonight we'll go to our small group Bible study and then our weekend will be over.

I think I might have to stay home for the rest of the week to make up for all that socializing.

This post was brought to you by the lazy man's way of eating watermelon.

Also known as my way of eating watermelon.


heather said...

People might think you joke about eating your watermelon that way...yet I know it's true.

Those babies are a-dorable! Of course so are your kiddos. Love the ballet outfit.

And can't get over that BIG four-year old!

Love you

Taylor said...

Time is flying by, isn't it? Can't believe his deployment is so close. I have been praying for you guys.

Maranda said...

I love that you brought stove top stuffin' and ate Ashli's homemade stuff... now that is a girl after MY own heart! ;)

But I bet you didn't have any stove top stuffin' left did you? People are suckers for that stuff... my hubs always makes me bring "corn nibblets in butter sauce" (you know the Jolly Green Giant stuff from the frozen section at the grocery) to his family's Thanksgiving. Seriously. It's pretty embarrassing, except that everyone eats it, so I guess that's what they like!

Joyce said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Glad you got to celebrate with your hubs.

Those babies are too much! Yours are also adorable-love the ballet picture. I miss ballet.

Christina said...

First you make me cry (most recent post) then you make me laugh (end of that post and all of this one)...I want to hang out with you.
Is that too weird to say?