Saturday, August 6, 2011

Peanuts scare me.

Josh and I went out to lunch alone today, thanks to a one-day Vacation Bible School that the kids attended.

We actually had 5 whole hours without them, and I only used about 3 of them checking my cell phone to make sure no one was calling to tell me that Derek had been given milk, eggs, or peanuts.

Naturally I had packed his lunch myself, labeled his bag, lunchbox, and his cute little personage with warnings of immenent death should he be exposed to such things. Then I tattooed my cell number into his forehead, scared his teacher with instructions on what to do should he stop breathing, and then I let go.

When I signed them up last week, I asked the lady if she knew what they would be serving for lunch, but she did not. Thank goodness I didn't know until after we picked them up that the other children would be eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Because if I had known, that boy would have been sandwiched in the booth between me and Josh for lunch.

Though we would have had to choose a different location, since we ate at Logan's Roadhouse. We always choose the peanut-infused restaurants when he's not with us.

And if he hadn't gone, then we wouldn't have this little video of him. And we wouldn't be able to laugh at him for not really knowing what was going on, and constantly watching the video screen behind him.

The only other kid checking out the screen? Also ours.

Aaaaaaaand we love them.

With the other free hours of our day, we did some shopping for Josh. It feels a lot like we're getting ready to send him off to his first semester of college.
Twin sheets, shower caddy, shower shoes, laundry bags, roommate discussions, etc. He wanted to get an electric blanket, but it turns out that no one sells them when it's 100 degrees out. Guess we'll have to look online.
Or I can wait until winter and send it to him, I suppose.
But that just reminds me that he'll be leaving me when it's hot, and will still be gone when it's cold. And when he gets home, it wont be cold anymore.


In other news, we have finally finished reading Charlotte's Web, so the kids got to watch the movie this week. I had never seen it before, and it was really cute. And very true to the book, although Alex was quick to point out anything that deviated from the original story. It was good to know that she actually was paying attention to the details while we read.
I sent a letter to her school last week, letting them know that she wouldn't be there for the first grade year.

I'm going to have to wrap it up for now. Bear with my infrequent posts these days. We have a short time left together as a family so for now I'm doing less of this and more of that. Soon I'll have more free evenings than I want to bore you with my drivel.

Enjoy the weekend!


melicity said...

Erin, your children are adorable!

Def. check online for an electic blanket--I would suggest QVC but only because I love them and they are the death of my bank account...well, and the local yarn store, too.

I don't know you but I will be praying for you because I can only assume how difficult the next several months are going to be for you.

Finally, (and I am not ashamed to admit this) I cry at the end of Charlotte's Web.....every. single. time.


Anonymous said...

Anna from NC here....

ENJOY your family time....your blogger friends will wait patiently for you, but know you are cherishing this time with Josh.

I always enjoy the pics of your children. SO CUTE!

and, I will pray for you, Josh and your little ones...I can only imagine how hard it is to send Josh off into the wild blue yonder.....

Taylor said...

Hi, you are swell bye

Bobbi said...

I'm with ya on the peanut, egg and dairy issue...Seems like I do ALL this work and somehow STILL fail to get through to people that they could potentially KILL my kid. It's not like it's a personal preference people...OUI! I'm glad that he's okay...and that you were blissfully ignorant of said events while you enjoyed your love!

Joyce said...

Thinking of you during this hard week. Your kids are adorable!

Amiee said...

Peanut allergies are SO scary! Glad you two got to spend some time together without the kiddos.

It does sound like you are sending your husband off to college! I will be praying for you all as you get him ready to leave :(