Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Wiener

In this episode of Hoarders: Plastic Bag Edition, I reveal the winner of the Count My Bags giveaway.

I would like to thank all of you who participated, as well as those who tried to make me feel like less of a strange person by guessing a number that a "normal" plastic bag hoarder might have.
What you have failed to realize, my friends, is that nothing I do is exactly normal.

So for those of you who picked numbers in the 30's, 40's, 50's, and basically anything less than 100, I say thank you.
And, you lose.

She guessed that I had 171 plastic bags.

The actual number of plastic bags was (and is) 199. Yikes. That's a lot of plastic bags.
I think I should have mentioned that it is a very deep cupboard.

This count does not include the large stash that I have in the back of my van, waiting for me to recycle them at The Walmarts. You see, that's the only place I know of that will take my plastic bags, yet since I now live in a town with a Target, I just don't go there very often.
And when I do go there, I forget to take in my bags.
I want to take them in more manageable bunches. You know, so no one thinks I'm weird.

After re-reading this post, I fear I am not succeeding in the not-coming-across-weird business.

So I'm just going to go now.
Congrats Lisa! Would you like the yellow or pink wellness bag?
Tell me fast, because I'm going to the post office tomorrow and if I don't get your bag sent off then, I will put it in my van to remember to take another time, and it will probably live there forever.
Fair warning.


trooppetrie said...

I love it, that is alot of bags. it always makes me giggle that when I need a plastic bag I have none but today I have a million

Anonymous said...

Yes!! I'm the Wiener!! I'll take the yellow :) My formula for the win was to take the amount of bags I have and divide by 3. If we are having a weird-off, I'm winning! Thank you so much for the treat.
Miss you,

Taylor said...