Monday, April 4, 2011

Let's discuss the weather.

I've logged in to Blogger several times in the last couple of days, intending to post something, anything, to keep this blog from getting any lamer.
I know it's getting really bad when I post nothing but one Wednesday Hodgepodge after another.

In an effort to keep that from happening, let's talk about...

Shall we talk about the weather?
Oh, lets!
The weather here has been having mood swings like crazy. It was really cold and wet last week. And today it was 85 degrees!

Last week-- sweaters and vests

This week-- snow hats and sundresses.

At the same time. Who knew?
She's just so stylish.
Is it just me or does Alex look at least 10 years old in that picture?

Quick! I need another picture where she looks like an almost-6-year-old.

That's better.
Except for the fact that she really is almost 6. Which is not acceptable at all.

Quick! Get me a picture of another spawn who isn't that old!

Yep, that little clown will do the trick. After all, he's still just a tiny infant.
Who rocks stripes on both the top and bottom.

Anywho. The kids played in the backyard after school today, and I sat on the deck and read. I love this time of year when it's perfectly comfortable outside. Soon we'll be sweating buckets on the short walk to the pool, and being in the water will be the only acceptable means to spending time outdoors.

But for now I'm happy to enjoy the blooming flowers and bushes, and the mostly pleasant temperatures.

And soon we will have some company to share it with us!
Yes, your favorite Bunny and mine is coming for a visit.

I'm getting the cribbage board ready and stocking up on paper towels. I would say that I'm brushing up on my Bananagrams, but the truth is that I don't need any practice.
I just need a more worthy foe. I wipe the floor with Pat the Bunny every time we play.

We also might be graced soon with a visit from Boppa Man (Josh's dad-- keep up people!).
He's not into board games, so I don't need to gloat.
I will say that he is the only person I know that could watch Law & Order 24-7 and never get sick of it.
Probably because he falls asleep halfway through every episode and wakes up in the next one.

No wonder he can never solve any of the crimes. He's working two different cases at the same time.

Nevertheless, I welcome any chance for the kids to see their grandparents. Not being close to family is one of the sacrifices of military life, and I want them to have close relationships with their grandparents.

Which brings me to some sad news...
My grandma passed away early on Saturday morning. This is the first grandparent that I've lost.
Truly she had been gone long before Saturday, as Alzheimers had slowly taken over her life. The family that loved and surrounded her were often like strangers in her mind, and at the end it was more merciful for her to pass on. Such a cruel disease. My thoughts are with my dad and the rest of the family in Michigan as they say goodbye.

Well, darn.

I can't end on that kind of a note, now can I?

Here, watch this.
It will bring back the happy.
It's Josh having a duel with a huge bee that hovers around our back deck.
Josh is armed with hornet spray and a fly swatter.
The bee has only its wits to save itself.

ps- the bee got away


Joyce said...

I'm going to assume you are in no way implying the Hodgepodge is lame : )

There's a bit of a weather theme happening on my blog most weeks too. Sigh. I think maybe I've become dull. I'm posting travel tales this month. Isn't that sort of like forcing people to come over and look at vacation pics?

Your kids are cute!

Jen McD said...

Those NC bees are known for their "smartness" ;-)

Erin said...

I'm sorry about your Grandma. We visited mine last summer when we were in MI. She didn't remember any of us and just kept asking for her son (my Dad) who is unfortunately not doing his duties as a son and instead has completely drained her bank account. There are several reasons why we may never move back to MI.

Who's going to battle the bees when Josh is gone?

Sandy said...

attacking a fellow flier...shame on you josh... =o)

fellow north carolinian here...our weather is bipolar...ha, get it!

sorry to hear about your grandmother...thankfully she knows everyone now and i am sure very rejoiceful with her company!

Taylor said...

I'm sorry for your loss.
Bees are tricky little things.
Better luck next time, Josh.

Bobbi said...

We attempted chasing ours around the yard with snow shovels (we hit them a lot more often...ha)...but in addition to being smart and flying into the sun they are also hard as little rocks and virtually indestructible. We caulked their holes shut. Ha...that got 'em! I'm sure our neighbors just wait to see what wacky thing we'll do next.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Sorry about your grandma. Alzheimers is such a rough road for everyone involved.

Loving your daughter's sense of style!