Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday List

I have to sneak in a quick post before I start kicking PtB's butt in cribbage, so I'm going list-style.

1) Tomorrow I get to don a hairnet and work a gyro booth at the Air Show.

It may be a little late for this question, but does anyone know how to make a gyro?
Maybe there will be a tutorial.

The Thunderbirds will be flying.
Yesterday, I took the kids to watch them practice. Since the base was not open to the public yet, we got to sit front and center with no crowds. The kids were impressed for about 10 minutes, before it became "too loud" and "too long."

Children can suck the fun out of anything.

They will be staying home with Pat the Bunny while Josh and I work the show tomorrow. 

2) My grandparents have just come to the realization that there exists low-cost long distance phone plans.

Hey Mom, thanks for giving them my cell phone number.

I have had this conversation 3 times in the last week:

"Erin, this is your grandfather. We got this new thing, you may have heard of it. I think it's called Sprint. And we can call all sorts of people with it. Last month, I called some friends all the way in Washington state, and some other friends in Tennessee. And it doesn't matter how much I call, the bill is always real low."

They are now enjoying everything the 1990's had to offer.

Then my grandpa asked me for my sister's phone number and my father's phone number.
Naturally, I happily handed them out.

You're welcome!

3) Josh had dental surgery last week. He still had a baby tooth that managed to hang on for 30 years. Impressive, no?
It had to be removed, and a titanium screw was drilled into his bone in preparation for an implant. They gave him some awesome medication that rendered him funny and forgetful.
For a couple of hours after I got him home, we repeated the same exact conversation at least a dozen times. It was a lot like my phone exchanges with my grandpa.
Then he convinced me that he was feeling back to normal, and he made a phone call to the gas company. He had the worst case of hiccups and was slurring his words the whole time.
Later he had no recollection of having had the conversation at all.

On the upside, he got to stay home for two days, which made it totally worth it (for me).

4) Pat the Bunny arrived just in time for some crazy tornado weather. The last time she was supposed to come for a visit, we had a blizzard.



Signing off,
Cribbage Master


Sandy said...

we can't make the show tomorrow so give the thunderbirds a thumbs up for me...you know, that baby tooth may explain the baby face...before you know it, he will be looking like an old geezer!

Erin said...

They are thinking Malachi is missing some of his adult teeth. How goes the whole implant thing.

And, did you think your husband would get implants before you?

Sandy said...

"implants"...good one erin =o)

auburnchick said...

Ouch to the dental work! I had two teeth pulled last year...while subbing. I was on some heavy-duty meds but went in to work because I had a month-long gig, and I loved those students. About a week after I was off of the pain meds, the kids told me that I'd seemed "especially" happy the week before while on the pain medication (I am normally pretty bubbly anyhow).

There's no telling what the gas company rep thought though... LOL

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

"Children can suck the fun out of anything."

It's funny because it's true.

Sandy said...

so, how was the airshow? any storm damage out your way? we will be anxiously awaiting your gyro tutorial.

Taylor said...


Corie said...

Glad you are still around to blog. We were watching all of the damage in your area on the news last night. Oh, and thanks for passing along my number :)