Monday, April 18, 2011

Quick Update

I am a lean, mean, gyro making machine. (minus the lean part)
We served many a gyro yesterday at the air show.
Today when I got dressed I started to put on the same bra that I wore yesterday and had to stop when I realized that it reeked of tzatziki sauce and onions.

So I washed it.

Good story, no?

Pat the Bunny is here. She currently has the upper hand in the cribbage tournament, so I choose only to report on Bananagrams.

Score update: Erin- a lot, PtB- not a lot

The weather is gorgeous. Beautimus. Fantastical.
If it stayed like this year round, I would live here forever. Or until the Air Force told me I couldn't anymore.
Tonight we took some pizza to the park and enjoyed it.

I've been slacking on the photo-front as of late. Here are some pictures of Thing 1 and Thing 2.

(This is what happened when I suggested they give each other a kiss)

Now I am being summoned to play dominoes.

To make up for my short and boring post, next time I post I will be having a giveaway.
So y'all come back now, ya hear?


Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

I heart bananagrams very much. You should come on vacation to Disney and we could play. Yes, the weather has been fantastical. Cute pics of the kids. Alex's legs are getting long! She looks as though she is going through a growth spurt.

Erin said...

Thing 2 is getting tall and looks more like a big boy!

Taylor said...

how does alex stay so clean?

you are lean. you know it.

auburnchick said...

Love the pictures!! BTW, are you going to give away gyros?

Bobbi said...

Gyros would be hard to mail...what about giving away the recipe?? I have one for gyro burgers...but it's sort of cheating.
I asked my two to give each other a kiss yesterday and they did this weird little "bob and dance" as they each tried to get to the cheek of the other and away from the kissy lips. HA...it was cute.

Joyce said...

I love that you posted the scoresheet-ha! Can't believe I haven't thought of that : )

The Henry Crew! said...

I, too, LOVE that you posted the score sheet... I am completely and unashamedly stealing that idea for my next Pinochle Championship Game with my Mother-in-Law that I will SURELY WIN... maybe... with any luck...

The Henry Crew! said...

and oh how I miss the blooming azealeas of North Carolina in the spring... everything still grey and beige and cold here in the frozen tundra known as Idaho... sigh...

Christina said...

Love the "kiss" picture!