Thursday, April 21, 2011

Count my bags: A Giveaway

Pat the Bunny update--
While I'm still kicking her backside in bananagrams, PtB has a decided lead in our cribbage war.
She likes to rub it in, too.
She's mean like that.

So I'll  be mean, too, and share this little photo:

That PtB, she just brings out the worst in me.

I'm letting her stay until Saturday, but only because she's been getting up with the kids in the mornings.
(And because that's when her plane is leaving.)

She's been up to all of her old bunny tricks this week.
My children are rotten and there's an APB out on the paper towel.

She also makes me play so many games that I don't have time to blog.
But never fear! Soon after she leaves, my dear husband will be leaving me for a couple of weeks. I will have nothing to do but bore you all with the mundane details of my life.
Wait for it.

I do believe I promised you a giveaway-- here we go!

My friend Jennifer has offered one of her wellness bags to give to one of you. These are heat and cold therapy products made with rice and aromatherapy herbs to have on hand for aches & pains.
They come in cute, washable fabrics, and you can choose your own herbs.

Hey Mom! Pay attention-- there's an herb that helps with menopause symptoms!

(And that, dear mother, is what I call payback. I love my grandparents and all, but did you have to give them my cell number? I can't escape!)

I have a wellness bag with a particular herb that is supposed to remove pain from your neck. And yet, PtB is still here.

Ha! Haha. It's a joke. Get it? Pain in the neck?
(I can only write this now, because I password protect my computer so she wont know what I've written until she returns home.
That way she can't kill me in my sleep.
I'm smart like that.)

Since the giveaway is for a wellness bag, to be entered to win, leave a comment on this post with a guess as to how many plastic bags are in this cupboard.

The closest guess wins!
And do you know who loses? Me. Because I have to count them.

Winner chooses between these two fabrics.

The herbs inside are lavender and lemon grass, known to relieve headaches, muscle aches, & pains.
Small print: Cannot remove the mother-in-law.

 Comment with your guess...the giveaway will end when I get around to it. ;)

Sponsored by the Socks Without Partners support group. Gaining new members with every load.

And, of course, Jennifer! Thanks, Jen! You can check out the complete list of herbs and see more fabrics at her Facebook page here.  These would make nice gifts for Mother's Day.


Lisa said...

My guess is 46! Hope all is well Erin. Love reading your blog. =)

Taylor said...

I totally want to win! My guess is . . . 51.

Let's meet for coffee sometime. It would be fun.

Krissy said...

I have read your blog over the past few months and you make me laugh! I am a fellow AF wife:) Please keep thrilling all who read with your "mundane" details!

Your bag collection hit home because I too have a collection of my own. Mine live in a shoe organizing rack on the back of the pantry door. They started in the bottom row and have grown to take up the bottom 4 rows, I know I will need them someday.

I think there are 77 bags.

Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

I'm going to guess 65 bags. I have a big pile of plastic bags in my kitchen too, only they aren't hidden in a cabinet. They are shoved between the fridge and the counter. I also have the lost sock problem, but I am up to a laundy basket full. How is it possible to have that many socks with no matches?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erin~ I found your blog thru Taylor's and I love the way you write. You always make me smile! (and I would never expect that compliment would give me some sort of edge in this amazingly, awesome competition:-) My guess is 33.

Happy Friday!

Amy Rogers said...

My guess is 63!

Anonymous said...

Is that all the mate-less socks you have?! Come on over to MY house.....ugh. My guess is 73. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot to give you my email address just in case I win :)



Sandy said...

i'll say 666 bags because that sure looks like the work of the devil... =o)

Me and Mr. Wright said...

My guess is 84.

Our assignment night is on May 6! So soon, and we will find out what he will fly and where we are going! :)

Melissa said...

I'm going with 40!

Laura said...

I'm guessing 57.

ps Drew is requesting more pictures of "Awex". He likes to look at her from time to time. :)

Anonymous said...

My guess is 171. No reason, just a big number. Miss you!
Lisa Hazeltine

melicity said...

Im guessing 82. :)

Corie said...

I will go with 59 :) Ken is 5 and Con is 9!

aTXtumbleweed said...

I'm going with 63 bags.

Alex said...

I'll go with 80.

The Henry Crew! said...

69... no comment necessary ;-)

Christina (fivewalkers) said...

I think there are a lot of bags...112. Sandy made me laugh with her guess, though.

Heather and Scott said...

You should do one with how many missing socks you actually have the match to -- we played that "game" one day at my house. I gave them $.10 for every match they found. I was astonished how much moo-lah I had to dish out!

Jennifer said...

Ha ha!! I'm going with 114 :)

Kristine said...

I'll say 99 :)

Jen Hammon said...

I say "one". I always wanted to do that on the price is right. Does this mean I win if everyone else over bid?