Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where Tears and Motrin Flow

That would be my house for the past week. Yes, we are just a bunch of fun around these parts. All I hear is a cacophony of coughs, sneezes, whines, whimpers, and all-out crying. Thank goodness Grandma was here this past weekend to give me some help (read: she watched kids, I went skiing). Not sure what these kids have, but they keep making me think they're all better only to turn around and start all over again. Since it's a tad cruel to take their pictures when the tears are flowing, I'll throw in some shots from the better moments that we've had.

Here is Alex all dolled up for her Valentine's party at preschool. She never lets me forget about how I didn't dress her up for the class Christmas party like the other girls, so I made up for it this time. She was a smidgen overdressed, but don't tell her.

And here's Derek letting you know how he feels about his totally rockin' new hair style.

But the face on Alex in this picture is more in line with what today was like (yes, the boy jammies are still her favorites and I've come to terms with that. Next post I'll fill you in on how my son also wears pink socks).

Derek to the rescue with a little brotherly love.

Well if you'll excuse me now, important things await my attention... like Americal Idol ;)


Jen McD said...

I love the Valentine's Dress! Oh my, life with a daughter would throw me for a loop!!

Call when you want to talk AI - goodness!!

Rachel said...

I love the mohawk! You can only have so much fun with boy's hair, right? I wouldn't trade it for the world though...I don't know what I'd do with a girl! I'd probably get in "trouble" for not dressing her up enough too!

Shauna said...

Our sons have so much in common, I read your reply to the tube feeders discussion earlier. I read some background on your blog and couldn't believe how similiar they are. My son is 2 1/2 and was 19 pounds for about a year and has allergies to milk, egg, and peanuts and has never had an appetite (even as a baby). He had an upper GI done and some irritation was found, but not enough to diagnose EE. He is on Elecare and as of Nov. 5 has a tube and it is great! I would love to talk further about this, it is great to meet a mom in the simiar situation!