Monday, February 23, 2009

Be Thankful

After all, this could be your house--

(Note to self: Feed Alex more-- look at those scrawny arms!)

Did you know our house also has snakes?! Yup, I was told that this was an anaconda slithering my way (thank you, Diego, for expanding my daughter's vocabulary).

I thought about photoshopping those crumbs out of the carpet, but after I showed you that first picture, I guess it's pointless. Now you know how we really live.

And I certainly couldn't publish a post without a picture (or two) of my cuddle bug. Have I mentioned how cuddly he is? Because he is. Very cuddly.

And for that, I am thankful :)


Jen McD said...

I love the snake crawl. And Derek looks great in green!

ps - thanks again so much for this morning!

Annie Pennington said...

Yes...Diego has also expanded Kate's vocabulary. She's often informing me how nice and important "Baby Jaguar" is. :)

I'm amazed at how different Derek looks!!! Gosh he's such a big boy now!

Nicole said...

Erin - well done! I needed a pick me up at work and realized I haven't checked your blog recently. It had been about a month and there were tons of wonderful snap shots of your kiddos. Wondering though when you are going to creep back in the pics? You should teach Alex how to use the camera ;-)

Rachel said...

Your carpet looks just like ours and we vaccuum more times than I care to admit (because I'm obsessed!).

P.S. I agree about Collin being prone to allergic reactions. I think the allergist we saw was nuts. I want a second opinion. We'll see.

Corrine said...

very cute pictures.