Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Still learning & other stuff

I thought I'd try to make a photo collage using my new software, but apparently it doesn't make it onto blogger full-sized. I'm still posting it though, since Daddy misses us and wants to see more pictures. Try clicking on it, maybe it will open up in the normal size.

And as promised... the reason that I sometimes resort to putting Derek in pink socks from Sissy's drawer:
I found 17 discarded socks behind his crib (and a random green ball). Guess he's like his mama and doesn't like sleeping in socked feet.

In other news, Derek has made it painfully obvious that he loves having a mohawk, and doesn't feel nearly as cool when sporting the typical head of hair. Look at that body language...it's screaming "I could be happier!"
And check out his alter-ego "Rebel Toddler"...does he get any happier? If so, his face might crack.

Oh yeah, I'm sexy.

Lastly, Alex is still a bit under the weather, but nothing that a 99-cent Waffle Cone Wednesday couldn't make better :)
See ya next time...


Trey and Mel's Piece of the Net! said...

Your pictures are just too cute, and the collage does open up full size when you click on it! I hope all is good with you guys and Josh gets home soon!

Annie Pennington said...

I love the collage you created of Alex! Love all the various expressions, the bokeh in the background, the blue tulle skirt...gorgeous!!!

Rachel said...

Pretty sure the mohawk is a keeper. I think Collin's is a for sure keeper too...if only I could convince Bryon. And love Alex's collage.

Jen McD said...

Oh my - the socks crack me up! And, you are one good mommy to hit up Waffle Cone Wed. I might need another reminder this week too ;-)

Audrey said...

Your kids are way too precious. Caleb doesn't snuggle me much anymore, so I'm glad Derek does for you!