Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My apologies...

...to all 5 of you who have been wondering where my posts are. Actually Grandma was here visiting, so I guess I only need to apologize to 4 of you. Alas, I was wrapped up with Christmas (pun intended), and all that jazz. But here I am to catch you up on all the super-important things you missed if you don't live in Idaho.

1)It's been snowing. A lot. But that is good, because while Grandma was here Josh and I went skiing. A lot. Sorry Grandma, please come back again and we wont leave you will the kids the whole time. Unless there is still good skiing.

2)We got Alex a Christmas gift that gives back...

When we saw this actual vacuum on sale at WalMart (aka the only store in town) for $9.00, we decided to take back the $24.00 toy one we had gotten her. This way, she can be productive while she plays. It's the perfect size-- we just leave the telescoping hand down. Now Alex, stop coloring and go play with that vacuum. Mommy's bedroom first, please.

3)I'm loving this kid!

Okay, that's not really new, but I've got to tell you that he is just the sweetest thing ever. He loves to cuddle and give hugs and kisses and I just want to freeze him right where he is. No growing up allowed! Well actually, it might be nice if he did grow a little...our last doctor's visit showed that he technically hasn't grown in 7 months. Yikes! So he's been put on a special toddler formula to help him gain weight...more on that later. But seriously, I love this kid.

4)Alex is a princess-- didn't you know??

She is going to be the flower girl in Aunt Jessie's wedding this summer (Josh's sister), so we tried on some dresses for fun. She loves pretty things! And I love her ;)
So that's (some) of what we've been up to the past couple of weeks. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are enjoying a fresh start to a new year! I think this will be the year that I become organized on-time patient well-rested in-shape older.


Annie Pennington said...

Love all the updates and LOVE Alex's vacuum! I need to get Kate one of those! Derek is beyond adorable!!! Gosh he's grown so much since I last saw you all! Take care!

Rachel said...

Wow, Alex is getting DOWN with that vaccuum, isn't she? I tried to get Bryon to buy Collin one, but he refused. Need to know more about the little guy not getting bigger...he was gigundous the last time we saw him! Of course, that was forever ago.

Heather and Scott said...

How I love those kiddos too!! Alex looks like a princess in that dress! And Derek is so loveable! Glad you guys got some "you" time on the slopes! We love you!

Jennifer said...

We need one of those vacuums... So it really works? Is it loud? Kaci still doesn't do well with the vacuum (chicken) but Taryn will run that thing quite well, I think! Glad to hear that you got some fun while Grandma was visiting. Tell her that I've got 2little girls who love grandmas too if she wants to share the love :)

Keith McDaniel said...

She is stealing my heart with her love of vacuuming. That Derek is too cute - really 7 months??? My favorite age is between 12-18 months... so so precious.

PBJCJ said...

Hey Erin, count me in as a reader:) I just dont comment much - ok not at all. Anyway, I had to laugh about your Walmart comment being the only store in town. When we were stationed there 13yrs ago (wow I feel old!) there wasnt even that luxury!! Be thankful, be very thankful..LOL!!
I cant believe how big Alex is getting - she is beautiful and the little man is adorable! Take care:)