Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blue lipstick, a tutu, drool, and a glowing eye.

I think that title just about covers it. Honestly, sometimes the hardest part about posting a blog is thinking up a title.
Anyway, on to the randomness... To help me get through the long winter here in Idaho, I joined a local gym. My priorities in joining went something like this 1) It has a nursery 2) It is something to do that is not wandering WalMart 3) Did I mention that I get away from the bundles of joy? 4) Maybe I will get some exercise. Maybe.
Anyway, the ladies that watch the kids there gave them all little stockings with some small gifts for Christmas. Alex was very excited about her "sock", and even more excited when she realized that the play cell phone actually contained makeup. I was less excited about that, especially when I saw that the lipstick was blue and rubbed off on anything it touches.
We now have a rule that the lipstick is only applied right before bathtime, when it is promptly washed off. I'm no fun at all, and that's okay with me.

I still let her do her own hair...when we're staying in the house, of course. And check out the fab tutu my friend Jen made for Alex. Too cute!
Here's the little guy checking out the lights on the tree. And if you're wondering when he's going to stop drooling so he can stop wearing bibs 24/7, so am I.
He has a special ability to make one eye glow.
And to cheese it up for the camera :)
2 days 'til Christmas-- get wrapping!!

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Rachel said...

Wow, little Derek is really getting smaller! He's looking more and more boy. And, we have a bit of a lip gloss fanatic here as well...thankfully, it's not blue!