Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Emphatic Nodder

I love the way Derek is nodding "yes" these days, so I thought I'd get a clip of it.
And holy cow is that ever a big head! I'm suprised his nod doesn't throw the rest of his body forward too.

I meant to post this clip earlier, but guess I missed it. It pains me to see how my baby is turning into a little boy!


Jennifer said...

What kind of vitamins do you give your kids? They must be yummy so NOT the drops that the MDG gives out, for sure! And it sure sounds like you're ready for #3. Let me know when the EDD is :)

The Walters' Family said...

What a possible third one on the way???? After 4 mths, I can still say it is pretty cool having three. hee hee Don't ask come highschool, though.

Keith McDaniel said...

A THIRD?!?!?! Since you asked, I think you are wonderful parents who make beautiful children, so yes, you should have a third.

And - that head nod is too cute!!! I would ask him questions all day long to see that ;-)