Thursday, January 8, 2009

Good Mornings

We were having trouble recently with Alex waking up early-- like between 5-6am, and deciding that she didn't want to go back to sleep. I'd heard about a special clock made for kids that tells them when it's okay to get out of bed. It has some kind of night-light on it that turns from a night scene to a daytime scene at whatever time you program it to do so. I was intrigued and started searching online for where to buy it. Turns out they are made in England and with shipping costs, would be over $80.00. Kind of pricey for a kid's clock, don't you think? So Josh and I made the poor-man's version and bought Alex a butterfly nightlight and one of those lamp timers. We set it to 6:30am for the first night, and just kept moving the time back slowly. Now it's set for 7:05, and she knows that she can't call for us or get out of bed until her butterfly wakes up. It's worked great!

Do you know what this monkey did this week for the very first time?
At the age of 3 years and 8 months, Alex got out of bed by herself in the morning! (After her butterfly was awake, of course.) When we moved her to a big-girl bed at 2 years old, we told her to call for us in the morning and not to get out of bed until we came for her. She never questioned it and it's taken her this long to come to the conclusion that maybe she can just come get us herself. Funny monkey! (Although she did kind of freak us out the first morning we found her standing next to the bed staring at us)
In another not-so-amusing 'first' this week, she colored all over her windowsill with red crayon. Good thing for my Mr Clean Magic Eraser!

Our first baby is growing up so fast

Now we're just waiting to see what her she's got up her sleeve next ;)


Rachel said...

Gosh, she's cute! I like the squishy-face.

Audrey said...

She has grown! Sweet Alex. Give her hugs from "Tobin".

Trey and Mel's Piece of the Net! said...

She is such a beautiful girl! Those are some nice pictures too! I'll have to remember the tips and tricks you use on your kids.

Annie Pennington said...

I have got to look into a similar idea with the clock. Kate likes to wake between 4:30-5:30 every morning. UGH!!!!

Heather and Scott said...

I LOVE those pictures of Alex!! Wow, you are quite the photographer!! Is it that new camera?? And you were right!! I hadn't checked your blog!! I guess I didn't see it on my blog list that it had been updated!! Sorry!! I enjoyed catching up =) And you are one smart cookie about the nightlight - very ingenious!

Jen McD said...

You are very inventive - and the photography skills are so good!

The next greatest thing is when they grab a breakfast bar and turn on the tv by themselves!!!