Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snowy Days

On Saturday morning, after spending a few hours cooped up in the house we decided that if our kids wanted to live to see ages 4 and 2, it would be a good idea to get outside for a bit. So we did!
Here is Alex showing you her snowman. You can see how precious my fresh veggies are to me-- I could have made his mouth out of candy or something, but I decided it was better to sacrifice a carrot ;)

One would think that if you lived in snowy Idaho, then you would have mittens for your offspring. One would be wrong. But socks work too!

This is our snow angel!

I call this one, kids on a bench in the snow. I'm so creative!
This morning we woke up to about 6 inches of fresh snow! Well, that's kind of a guess. I didn't go out and measure it or anything, but it looks like about 6 inches, give or take a foot. So Josh and Alex are out sledding, Derek's napping, and I'm off to enjoy the quiet. Until I hear the rumble in the garage that indicates that hot chocolate is urgently needed.


Jen McD said...

Kids on a bench in the snow - perfect. Hope they had fun sledding - Cole and Keith are worn out! They ate 3 sandwiches each.

Nicole said...

Your camera is awesome. Is it a particular setting that you get everything to come in so clear and everything behind all blurry and professional looking? Glad to hear the procecdure went well. Will be praying the results come back favorable as well!

Rachel said...

I'd like to say that I miss snow...but I don't. I think Collin might like it though. The kids look adorable and I admit to using socks on Collin's hands last year when we lived in Ohio.