Friday, September 14, 2012

A year

It was exactly one year ago today that Josh left for his 6-month deployment to Afghanistan. I went back and read the post I wrote that day and got a little teary-eyed when I remembered the way it felt to say goodbye. It also gave me a craving for Oreo middles, but I'm resisting. Trying to drop a few pounds, you know. I'm doing it the healthy way-- replacing meals with coffee and hoping the jittering counts as activity.

What a crazy year it's been! He was gone, the kids and I traveled quite a bit, and then there was a whirlwind of activity as Josh arrived home and just a couple weeks later we were moving across the country.
Now we are making preparations for an even bigger move.

Plans are starting to come together a little bit. Since our report date for Spain is in early January, we're hoping to be able to make it back to Michigan along the way and see our family once more before heading overseas.

(And maybe pawn our van off in one of their garages. Dad? Mom? Got room for a swagger wagon to hang for a year and a half?)

The last time that Josh was home was for his sister's wedding-- which was on the same day that Derek turned 2 years old. So, I'd say he's long overdue to see his family. I've been back several times during those 3-plus years, but it's always been when Josh was out of the country.

If those plans work out, we'll be packing up here sometime in December and saying adios to Monterey before the year is out. 

And let's recap this week, shall we?

- On Monday, I was flossing Alex's teeth and noticed that something looked wrong with her upper back molars-- the teeth that are the anchors for her palatal expander. They were pushed out of line and angled funny. How had I missed this over the last month?
She already had an appointment scheduled for the next day, so I spent the rest of the night googling "when expanders go wrong" and picturing her wearing headgear at her wedding to correct the mistake that I hadn't noticed happening.

- On Tuesday, we went to her appointment and were told that everything was perfect.
So there's that.

- Derek accidentally had some papers in his school folder that belonged to another kid in his class.  Either Daniel's parents should be very proud of how advanced their son's writing is, or we need to be working with Derek a little more. Is it wrong to hope that Derek's papers didn't end up in Daniel's folder? Or at least hope that his name was as unrecognizable as the rest of his writing?

- Both kids had regular dentist appointments yesterday. Derek's x-rays show that his teeth will be even more crowded that his sister's.
For Christmas this year, we'll be requesting that he receive no toys; instead you can make a donation to his future orthodontic fund. 

- Last night I had a dream that Josh was having an affair with some hot young Hollywood actress. I woke up mad at him. I might still be a little mad.
Does this happen to anyone else?



Joyce said...

It doesn't end when the orthodontics stop. I've been nagging my 24 yo to find a dentist in her new city and by nagging I mean that I periodically shout that she has 10000 worth of orthodontia and she better keep up with her teeth! We had ortho for two kids in London when the pound was twice the dollar. She was so excited to report she'd been to the dentist this week and her teeth are still perfect. It's a good thing!

Good luck with the move prep and unloading the van. Maybe you can put it in their garage and sneak away?

Christina said...

The dream thing? Totally happens. It always takes me a good half a day to really settle with myself that whatever happened didn't happen for real. I will also confess, though, that it happens sometimes that I have a dream that I did something bad. Then I carry around this guilt for a good half a day. haha Dreams...they mess with you, man.
We, too, are going to have major dental bills. :) Big teeth in little mouths is the problem here.
I'm so glad you can read that old post knowing that Josh is with you now, and your next big adventure is together! :)

Jessica said...

We can take that van off your hands for you...though it would have several hundred more miles on it when you gr back :)

How sad is it that I want a van?!?

Anonymous said...

You could need a full mouth restoration to the tune of $30000 for atleast 2 members of your household. Keith wants to sell us.

Ps. I have dreams like that all the time.

Miss you!

Jen mcd

Taylor said...

Why did the tomato turn red?

Anonymous said...

I will make sure I have a place for the van, dirt floor but inside.
Love you

aTXtumbleweed said...

Yea I've had those dreams too - several times. I've woke up and looked at my hubby and said don't talk to me the rest of the day! All he said was... Well did I have fun??