Sunday, May 6, 2012

Settling In

We are still in the process of getting settled. This move-in has definitely taken the longest time to get unpacked and set up to date, but we are just about finished.
There are a couple of pictures left to hang, and hopefully the moving company will be picking up the empty boxes tomorrow so we can finally say we're done.

We lost some square footage as well as the 4th bedroom that we'd had in North Carolina, so finding a spot for everything was more difficult this time around. But we still have plenty of room for guests, so come visit us before we move again!
Luckily, we have a garage and some storage space in the upstairs that has been very necessary to getting everything put away.
We'll also put our guests there to sleep.


And while we're busy trying to get everything organized, life goes on as normal. There are meals to make and clean up after, laundry to do, and the kids leaving their usual messes behind them wherever they go.
In other words, if I'm waiting for everything to look just right to show you some pictures, it's never going to happen. So I'll plan to take some tomorrow and you can just know that our house is always, well, lived-in.

And maybe messy.
But that's neither here nor there.

I did manage to snap a picture of our bedroom window today. Can you see that blue stuff out there?

 Let me step a little closer... You might be able to make out a sailboat or two.

It's a rough life, but someone's got to live it.

Don't be jealous though, it's not all good--
We had to buy eye masks because there's nothing to block the sunlight in the morning.
Told you, rough life.

Today we went to church, had lunch, and walked to the beach.
(Now you know the other reason why it's taking so long to unpack.)
The water is freezing, but it was sunny and warm laying on the sand. The kids played in the sand and got in the water to their knees. (Sorry I forgot the camera)

But I did bring it to one of their other favorite spots in town the other night. This nearby park is really great--

I predict a lot of trips there in the coming months.

Alex already has a more pressing social life than I do. Her class at Awana had a special girls night on Saturday. They played games, painted finger & toenails, and had ice cream sundaes.
She told us all about it in great detail after she got home.

Then we went back to the same church this morning for their Sunday service. We liked it, and I think we'll just keep going there.
It doesn't hurt that this is a picture of the church, taken from our porch. So convenient!

Here's my girlie all ready to go.

She'll be 7 in under two weeks! Say it ain't so.

Also say it ain't 9:45. I want to watch an episode of Smash before bed.
I'm outta here.


The Lumberjack's Wife said...

What is Smash? Thanks for the pictures! I am kinda jealous.

Did Alex get her hair cut?

The Henry Crew! said...

Dennis the Menace Park! :-)

Anonymous said...

The part of your life where your husband was gone for 180-some days? Not so jealous of.

This part? Very jealous! And I even live on the West Coast! Why don't I have view?! Boo.

Glad life is going well! Lisa

Christina said...

This all looks so great! I would NEED to get some kind of shades for the window though!! :)