Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's your birthday. Have a box.

Hi interworld.
We've been drowning in a sea of moving boxes and packing materials, but slowly the boxes are disappearing (read: being thrown into the backyard) and the floors are becoming visible.


We love the house! I can't wait to get all the rooms put together and then I'll give you all a bloggy tour.
This is by far the best location we've been stationed to date, and I already don't want to leave.
Yesterday was Josh's birthday; we celebrated by unpacking boxes. Fortunately it was also Wednesday, so we were able to take the kids to Awanas in the evening, which I might have mentioned is a 30 second walk from our front door. Then Josh and I strolled down a few blocks to the waterfront and dined at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. to have a birthday dinner for him.
It made me want to watch Forrest Gump again.

And I love being walking distance to restaurants, shops, oh and the Pacific Ocean.
Not too shabby, folks.

Today we unpacked more (are you sensing a theme?), then ran some errands around town. I spent a ton of money at the grocery store getting, well, everything.
And we registered the kids for school next year.
Did I mention that we're sending the kids to school?

Follow my stream of conciousness:
We're going to Spain...We want the kids to learn Spanish...So we're putting them in Spanish schools in Madrid...thought Derek could use a classroom experience in his own language before being thrust into one in which he understands nothing...plus kindergarten is fun...and if Derek is going to school then Alex will want to as well...and I need time to learn Spanish...which would be hard to do if I were homeschooling...for the first time in 7 years I'm going to have hours of time to myself...that's a weird thought.

Are we all caught up now?

So in my Disney recap, I mentioned that we made Derek go on everything he was tall enough for. We're not exactly parents of the year, because we had a good idea how he would feel about some of the rides.

We were mostly right.

And then there's my wee little toothless girl, who insists that we ask every time for the front of the roller coasters, because if she can't see the big hills then it's not as fun.

(Disregard Josh in this video. He couldn't hear me telling him that I was taking a video clip and not a picture. Or don't disregard him and laugh at his silliness.)

Hey, anyone want to guess what I'm doing tomorrow?

Yep. Unpacking.
Hopefully the final day!


Sandy said...

so which was more crowded...disney world or disney land?

boy, you are close to cannery row, aren't you?

color me green!

Taylor said...

I am dying to see these restaurants and the ocean and everything you can walk to!

The Henry Crew! said...

Oh Oh Oh - how we love Monterey!!!!! Sigh... I'm so glad you have a home there that you love - we do so hope to see you guys this summer perhaps when we visit our Monterey family!