Friday, May 11, 2012

Home...for now

I've been avoiding my blog.
I didn't have pictures ready to go for the home tour I promised and I didn't have any good excuses left.

Well, other than having moved in 11 days ago.

But today the friend came over for coffee, so I had incentive to finish up some of the last little bits of unpacking and organizing.

(Yes, I used the term the friend. That would be because I only have one.)

So without further delay, Parade of Homes brings you Schore Casa Numero 6. ¡Es mi favorita!

We're two in a row now for blue houses...

It's built on a hill, so if you come to the front door, you have to climb 2 flights of stairs.

Not gonna lie, our movers hated us.

Here's the entryway. The cute winding stairs go up to the master bedroom.


The door on the left is Alex's room.
She always has some manner of top secret project going on that requires using a lot of floor space and never being able to clean up. 
Crafty, this one is.

Through her room is the Jack and Jill bathroom that separates her bedroom from Derek's.
It's one of the quirks of the house that if a guest needs to use the bathroom, they have to go through one of the kids' rooms.

I'm going to require them to sign a waiver first.
I accept no responsibility if they step on some small toy that feels like a nail.

From Alex's room...

From Derek's room...

This was taken in the bathroom doorway looking into Derek's room. The kitchen is through his other door.

So now let's start over in the entryway. If you turn to the right, you'll be in the dining room.

Remember that piece of furniture I made Josh squeeze into our clown car back in North Carolina?

I still like it. And it even fits. 

Josh gets a little spot for his jet schtuff on one wall.
I'm so generous.

Next comes the living room. With the TV that just won't die.

Here's a view from the kitchen entry looking into the living/dining rooms.

Finally the kitchen is in the back of the house.

And the pantry/laundry room is off the kitchen. 

Behind the house is the garage, and also the method of entry that doesn't require climbing steps.
But you do have to drive through the worst-paved ally known to mankind to get there.

And that rounds out the downstairs.
I shall now magically transport you to the front entryway again:

And you can come upstairs and see my favorite room in the house. Mine!
Oh, I let Josh live there too.
It's kind of me, I know.

Also, he pays all the bills.

At the top of the stairs is our awesome view, of which you cannot see because the angle at which I took the picture.

Oh, and I fear I led some of you to believe that we don't have any type of shades for the windows. We do! There are pull down shades on the lower ones, but they don't keep much light out, and nothing blocks the light coming in from the top half-circle window. Hence the eye-masks.

I love, love, LOVE, that we can have the windows open all day with no screens. Must be the ocean breeze that keeps the mosquitoes at bay, because we haven't seen 'a one.

The ceilings leave all kinds of nooks and crannies around the upstairs.
I love the cozy little nook our bed fits into.

Opposite the foot of the bed are the only spots tall enough to hold our other pieces of furniture...

Around that corner to the right is our closet.

And to the left, this still-not-entirely-put-together bathroom.

Which has my own little spot for getting ready in the morning.

From the window, you can see that around that back corner...

...is another nook we fondly call, storage and/or the art studio.
We're good at multi-purposing.

In fact, I often call the kitchen the burning zone.
See? 2 purposes. 

And there you have it folks. Nuestra casa nueva.
We love it here, and we're already sad to leave.


Sandy said...

LOVE the stove.

HATE all that light (i would have to dust more than my customary once a year with all that light)!

LOVE the views though.

NEVER make it up all those stairs with my rickety knees!

LOVE the bathroom sink vanities!

Does the door to the stairway have a lock =o)

How many times has Josh hit his head on all those nooks and crannies?

You do know those movers would have "accidentally" dropped that tv going up all those steps if you would have given them a wink...

HATE THAT YOU HAVE NO MOSQUITOS!!! LIFE IS JUST NOT FAIR!!! (for me anyway) maybe i could fedex you some =o)

Anonymous said...

Awesome house!!!!! Loved the tour.....your house has so much charm. I can see why you are in love with it.

Anna from NC

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Absolutely charming! You really got a great house - and even if it weren't the view would make about anything liveable.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't your house in MH blue too? Or grey with the blue garage?? Robyn's was blue?

Anyway, I like it! I'm so happy you are having a good time. Soak it up.... I'm patiently waiting for you to get to Spain! ;-)

Miss you all

Jen mcd

Jamie said...

Looks great! Enjoy every minute of it all!!! :):):)

Meg said...

I am in LOVE with the house! So wonderful!

Jennifer said...

Such a neat little house!! Enjoy it!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful home! Love it!


Grandma said...

Love it, but where is Josh's leather rocking chair?

Taylor said...

Love it, love it! I might be jealous!

Christina said...

What a cute house...the nooks make it so interesting and give it a lot of character! Wow...I'm so excited that you are going to have a good place for this year!

Laura said...

Love it! What a great location, friend!

Joyce said...

Wow-you're doing great for 11 days in. Have you hit your head yet on any of the nooks and crannies? We had that in our English house and I love them but I did smack my head a time or ten.

Enjoy your new home!

Anonymous said...

Who's the "ally" you have to drive through? Mexico? Canada?I I'm signing this as Anonymous so you'll have to guess who the Grammar/Spelling Nazi is.

Nicole said...

What an amazing house! Oh man you're kiddos are going to have some neat memories from the blue nooks & cranny house. I want to visit. I also want to visit you in Spain. Hmm, Dana and I need to talk about this.