Monday, April 16, 2012

We're Here!

Things are busy, here's a quick list:

-- We survived the flight. The kids actually did great for being on a plane for 8 hours. Lots of snacks, iPad games, and more trips to a tiny airplane bathroom than I care to recall.

-- They thought it was very funny that there were grown ups all around them taking naps on the plane! Oh, the craziness. Because did they nap? Nay. Nay they did not.

-- Which was all fine and dandy until we got off the plane and their bodies remembered that it was way past bedtime on the east coast and there were still hours until they'd be tucked into a bed.

-- Things kind of went downhill from there.

-- After a short night's sleep, we headed out on Sunday to do some serious house hunting. Thankfully Josh had been able to pre-screen a bunch of homes before we got here to make it easier on us. We hope to have a decision made by tonight.

-- Monterey! It's like a whole 'nother world. Beautiful, beachy, and very, very, hilly. 
Makes tooling about in a manual transmission Corolla a bit of a challenge. Josh has been doing all the driving. Not gonna lie, I'm kind of afraid to.

-- Right now it's 6:45 am and I've been up for 2 hours. This is hard to believe, since I consider myself to be a world champion sleeper, able to persevere and snooze through just about anything. I'm a little embarrassed that a 3-hour time change is turning me into a shadow of the sleeping woman I once was.

-- Internet in the base lodging is s-l-o-w, so forgive me for not getting any pictures on for the next little bit.

-- Today our plan includes: moving from one lodging area to another. (Which kind of stinks, but can't be avoided. Right now we're in a bigger unit with 2 bedrooms, but we could only get a reservation for 2 nights here. Next we're moving to a smaller hotel-like room, with one separate bedroom.)
Then we're off to check out the last of the homes on our list and make a final decision.

-- Once we wrap that up, we're going to try to make some vacation plans.

-- Later, gators.


Sandy said...

it's just one adventure after another with your family isn't it! i am right there with you on that manual transmission thing...you know those swingy arms they put on the front of a school bus to keep the kids from walking where the driver can't see them? i would have to have one of those on the back to keep people a safe distance from my constant "start roll".

Erin said...

Are you renting again or buying another home hoping to rent it out in the future? Uggg, I do not want to go house hunting in a month. And, if you do any research for the Disney place out there, we'd love copy your notes. We won't be too far away.

Anonymous said...

Adventures galore in store for you all.

My husband and I visited DLR for the FIRST time this year after many, many WDW trips....it was AWESOME!! So, I hope you get to spend time there. So much smaller but SO much to do. And to think Walt was there!!

Happy house-hunting and have fun exploring. One day/thing at a time----hopefully --- haha!!

Anna in NC

The Lumberjack's wife said...

I'm glad your journey is almost over! I hope you find a splendid house and get all settled soon :)

Sandy said...

i see josh missed the turkey shoot =o(

Joyce said...

Jet lag-blech! Good luck with the househunt!