Wednesday, April 25, 2012

And we call it a vacation.

I'm still alive.

Kind of.

My feet hurt in places I didn't know existed and we all collapse into bed about 3 minutes after getting back to the room, hence the lack of blogging.

We seem to have trouble dialing down our Disney trips. We like to see it all, and then see it again. And possibly once more after that.
Today was day 4 of our trip, and we were in the parks for 12 hours.
I'm not sure I'm going to survive the next two days.

We're sleeping in tomorrow.

Right now I'd trade my kids for a foot massage.


Sandy said...

my knees have never been the same after a trip to disney world! what is it about that disney pavement?

Taylor said...

Pictures! Get on it! Who cares about your feet?! Get over it! :)

Christina said...

How do you have the energyyyyy?! I got my kitchen clean last night (and I mean, those places that haven't seen the light of day because six metal water bottles, a mug, a meat thermometer, a meat tenderizer [I used it to smash salt and pepper], and other items had been next to my sink for six months. I also made salsa today. I felt like I had accomplished so much! Oh! I cleaned our van! Mike needed to take kids home after Bible study the other night. So...I tackled it! I won't tell you what I got out of there. Okay, I will say this much. There was one full garbage bag of clothes and shoes! What? Do my kids get in the car and strip? No! I also shop-vacced. So. Maybe I've been more productive than I thought. :) Have a great time!!! I bet you could finagle a foot massage. ;) (I think I spelled that right...ha!)

Corie said...

I thought you were supposed to sleep in every day of a vacation! :)