Saturday, April 7, 2012


As of yesterday afternoon, our family is officially homeless. We've handed off the keys for our casa de Maple'hood, and all of our worldly possessions are in a big truck somewhere.
The kids and I are staying with our friends, and Josh is in a hotel room in Tennessee.

Only he didn't get quite as far as he had planned because the poor chap has been stricken ill while on his voyage. He stopped driving early so he could have his fever, chills, and nausea in a hotel room instead of in the corolla.
I'm sorry sweetie. I'd bring you a drink and some medicine if I could.

Thankfully we built some extra time into his road trip "just in case", so he should still have plenty of time to make it to California before the kids and I fly in on Saturday.

Unless he has the plague.

Or the swine flu.

Or a man-cold.

Then he might never get out of Tennessee.
That would be sad, because frankly I was just getting used to having him around.

I feel as though we are in an odd time of limbo this week. We're out of our house but not out of town. Waiting on the car shippers to put me out of a vehicle.
And thankful for good friends who take in the homeless, even when they have a 7 week old baby! I would like to think that my extra hands would be helpful, but sweet Whitney is about as easy as they come. Sometimes I pretend she's fussing so I can snuggle her.

I'm sad to be leaving our friends, a little intimidated by moving someplace where we don't know anyone, and ready to get on with it all at the same time.
The next big thing on our agenda is finding a home as quick as we can so we can have time to take leave before Josh's class starts up in mid-May. Neither of us has been to California before, so there's plenty we would like to see.

And now I'm off to sleep, it's been a long week.

Happy Easter to you all! Christmas is wonderful, but without Easter it wouldn't mean anything.


Tracy said...

Have to tell you that little Whitney's are super good. I know because I had one years ago and at 19 she is still good. As long as their last name isn't Houston.

Anonymous said...

I'm sad the Schore-Thomas family is breaking up. Sad indeed. Extra snuggles from Aunt Jen.... I think I hear her being fussy again!

Safe travels and praying for Josh to feel better for that drive! If he's tracing via Texas, he has a place to stay!!! (I realize we aren't exactly "on the way" ;-)

Onto the next Journey!

Happy Happy Easter!!!!! What a mighty God we serve

Jen mcd

Joyce said...

Happy Easter! Good luck with this next leg of your adventure!

Anonymous said...

Blessings to you all....safe journeys and lots of wonderful family time!!! Enjoy California.....

Anna from NC

PS.....HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!

Taylor said...

You seem to be a pro at "living in limbo." You must be one, patient mama!

Hope your life feels settled soon. Feel better, Josh!

Anonymous said...

A man-cold! HAHA!

Safe travels!


Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

I have been way behind on the whole blogging thing and even reading. Anyway, just wanted you to know that I was catching up on your blog today and cried as I saw the pics of Josh's homecoming. So happy for you! Praying for safe travels and moving for you all as you start this new adventure!

Christina said...

You all are amazing! I'm catching up, I got behind somehow!