Saturday, April 28, 2012

A lame, pictureless update

I know that I am very overdue for a post containing some pictures, but I am plagued by slow hotel internet connections that can't seem to upload photos.
So instead you just get a boring recap on what we've been doing.

We spent 6 days "doing Disney." That's a whole lotta Disney, even for us.
It was good, exhausting fun. It will get it's own post, chock full of pictures and video...one day.

We checked out of our hotel this morning and then spent the day with Josh's college buddy and his wife. They live in Los Angeles. We spent the afternoon in their neighborhood pool and then had an incredible crab dinner in Beverly Hills.
Don't I sound rich and important? 

I think that's what everyone was thinking when we pulled up in the Corolla Sport.

Didn't you know? We don't just drive a Corolla. No, it's a Corolla Sport. It has a little red "S."
Who's fancy now?

After dinner we walked down Rodeo Drive and went into the lobby of the hotel from Pretty Woman. You know, the Reg Bev Wil.
We would have just viewed it from the outside, but Derek had a sudden and pressing need to poop.

He's really good about giving us, say, about a 30 seconds heads-up that he's got to go. It's super convenient.

Now we're in another hotel in LA spending the night. Josh and his friend, Alex, not to be confused with my daughter, are hanging out together and I'm blogging while the kids are asleep.

In other news, our household goods are set to arrive in Monterey on May 1st, and it will be so good to not be living out of suitcases anymore.
Remind me I said that when I'm buried in boxes and packing material.

Looking forward to getting settled, finishing up Alex's curriculum, getting started on a few unit studies we have planned, and getting to know our new hometown.

Oh, and we think that the van will finally be getting picked up in a week or week and a half. We fired the old company and found someone else.
It's a good thing.
A family of four with lots of luggage was never meant to drive long distances in the Corolla, Sport or not.


Erin said...

Yeah for an ETA on your van!

Me and Mr. Wright said...

So jealous of you going inside the reg bev wil. That's on my bucket list, for sure! For now, I will have to settle with going to see the house from Steel Magnolias, another top 5 fav. Sounds like you are having an awesome
Post deployment family-moon! :)

Christina said...

Sounds like you are having fun in spite of inconvenient living conditions...glad you will be getting settled soon, and grateful for your time together as a family (and with friends...that's great!)!