Saturday, March 17, 2012

We've been tootin'

Reconstitootin' that is.

Josh is on his 2-weeks of "reconstitution" time. Meaning he doesn't have to go to work, and he doesn't have to use his leave.

It's been so so so so so so so so so good to be together again!

Thanks for all of your sweet comments on his homecoming! :)

We've spent lots of time doing nothing.
Because we all know that doing nothing is what I do best.

In between hours of nothing, we've taken the kids bowling, played outside, gone to parks, hit up Taco Tuesday as a family, and done lots and lots of snuggling.

And possibly some grown-up snuggling, too.
But we don't need to discuss that here.

Unfortunately our nothing has been interrupted by...something.
Moving, to be exact.
Tick-tock-tick-tock. The clock is winding down on our time in North Carolina.

We've gone through boxes that we never actually unpacked when we arrived here, weeded through the garage to get rid of old toys and trash, and done some yard work.
Our pile of trash and goodwill donations is getting huge.

Funny thing.
The Monday before Josh got home I was awakened by the sound of the garbage truck going by and remembered that I had forgotten to take the trash down to the curb the night before.
No big deal, we had some room in it still, and could probably make it another week without too much trouble.
Fast forward another week, and with all the excitement of picking up Josh at the airport and being back together, we both forgot that it was trash day, again.

Which actually isn't as funny as it is smelly.

Today is St Patrick's Day.
So I got up and made green colored pancakes for the kids before they set off on the leprechaun scavenger hunt we set up for them last night. And then we make shamrock crafts that I found on Pinterest...
hee hee.  snort.
Sorry, I can't even type that with a straight face.

Naturally I did nothing of the sort. I usually don't even remember that a holiday is here until it's already arrived.

I don't know how so many of my mommy friends manage to be crafty and fun all the time and manage to take pictures and post all of their accomplishments to Facebook.
But can I just say, Stop it already! You're the reason my daughter has a list of preferred mothers!

Here's another shot that the photographer took last Sunday. I'm so glad she was able to come and get some pictures. 
It was such a fun day for us!

After we left the airport we ate linner at the Olive Garden.
(Yes, linner. It was too late to be lunch, and not quite dinner time.)

About 10 minutes after we sat down Derek had to go potty.
Guess who took him?
Not me!

Then about 20 minutes later he had to go potty, again.
Guess who took him?
Not me!

The kids were all-daddy, all-the-time for the first couple of days.
Mama was chop liver.
No one wanted me to wipe their booty, brush their teeth, or put them to bed.

Hot diggity dog!

Josh is the resident childrens-game-player in this house, and I can't count how many card games and board games he's played in the last week.
And there's been a whole lot more football and wrestling in our living room.

Oh, and the weather has been incredible!

This is what Alex did the morning after Josh got home. He had to go to his briefings, so Alex helped herself to his uniform.

The family who rolls together, bowls together.

Or something like that.

And now back to tootin'...


skoots1mom said...

so tickled he's home ... thank him for his hard work...i so appreciate their working in that way for us.

Christina said...

Blessings on your family...and I am just so happy to see the pictures of everyone together!! :)

P.S. You totally got me with the green pancakes! I couldn't wait to see pictures of your green pancake balls! ;)

Erin said...

It would have been more believable if you had written about making green pancake balls.

Glad you guys are readjusting :)

Me and Mr. Wright said...

You seriously crack me up.

Also, can I comment on how big your children have gotten?

I'll also comment on how big of a creeper I feel like since I have never even met you in real life and feel like I know you guys!

Loved the pictures, glad he's home.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I didn't even mention St. Patrick's day to my kids. No sense in getting their hopes up.

Totally tearing up reading the rest of this though. Normal life is a treasure isn't it?

Taylor said...

Love it!

Elaine said...

I'm so jealous! Arby didn't get any time off after this deployment :( stupid joint command not understand the chair..i mean air force! yay for him being home!

Elaine said...

I'm so jealous! Arby didn't get any time off after this deployment :( stupid joint command not understand the chair..i mean air force! yay for him being home!

Anna said...

Hi! Found you through the Sonlight blog and just enjoyed reading your posts! Yay for your hubby being home! And we say "linner" too hehe.

Anna said...

PS my brother is USAF stationed at Langley. He is all set to move soon so gets his 2 weeks off here. I am so excited! I only get to see him about two times a year these days :(