Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 171

I haven't been keeping up with ye old blog much of late. My sincerest of apologies.

It's not that I've been busy; hermits generally aren't.
It's just that I can't think of anything to say that doesn't involve whining about missing my husband.

However comma.
There has been good news in that department, and our time of missing each other is closer to being over than I had previously thought. Holla!

In an effort to think positively for the remaining time, lets cover all the good things there are about deployments:

1) Less laundry. Self explanatory.
Though to be honest, Josh doesn't actually require all that much laundry. Other than a t-shirt, socks, and unmentionables for each day, he wears the same flight suit for several days before throwing it into the wash. When it smells so strongly of jet fuel that it can practically stand up on its own, that's his cue that it might be time to wash it.

2) Less cooking. Cereal for dinner? Why not.

3) Bed hogging privileges. I enjoy the middle of the bed. But I'm not too upset about having to share it again.

4) No one makes me go to bed. This is both a positive and a negative. For I like to be a night owl, but tend to regret it in the morning. Josh is anal scheduled. He shall get his eight hours, and he shall take me with him.

5) Cleaner bathrooms. I probably don't need to expound on this one.

I was teasing Josh the other day saying that while I would love to welcome him home with some of his favorite meals, we'll be a month out from a move and you know what that means.

Dum dum dum duuuuuuuuum: Pantry Meals.

Yep, that time before a move where you clear out what's in your pantry and freezer, even if it means having a dinner of plain pasta noodles with canned corn and an Eggo waffle on the side.
And if we run out of syrup or ketchup, you just have to deal with it because we're not buying a new one. 

He said no way, he doesn't care how much food we have to give or throw away, but he's adamant that after 6 months of cafeteria food, he's got to have something fresh.

Well I say he should have thought of that before he married me, but I will do my best.

And more good news, the kids and I are getting a visit from Miss 'Cole (my friend, Nicole) this weekend. It will save me from the depressing weekend phenomenon! Yea!
She's a real go-getter, so I'll have to teach her the finer points of hermithood.

If anyone can do it, it's me.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law John, who was also crazy enough to marry into this family. Although unlike me, he was generally well-accepted because his name starts with a J.

Jason, Josh, Jessica, John......and Erin.

I'm pretty sure they hate me.


Anonymous said...

So happy for your family that the deployment is almost over.....

Hope the last few days are fast. Sad that you will be leaving the great state of North Carolina, but wonderful things await your family.

Have a great weekend - glad you will be having company!!

Praying for you all.

Anna from NC

Suz said...

Hilarious! I was going to see what you were up to this weekend but one of the girls in the B-Course insisted on a Pink Flag to Raleigh this weekend. (Even though no Red Flag trips exist yet for the guys.) So I am glad you have plans! Perhaps Sunday afternoon or Monday after work we can get together! Do you have a phone that sends text messages yet????

If you (Josh) is in need of a fresh meal I can always bring food over for you guys after he gets back! We have plenty of time left here in good ol Goldsboro.

Lisa said...

Good to hear you're almost through! You're more woman than I am! My hats off to you!

Sandy said...

so glad the end is in sight! tell josh i said hi and that the lady at the store liked the card i got for him so much that she kept it! =o( if i weren't also a hermit i would go back for it (seeing as how i paid for it and all) but, good wishes are good wishes no matter how they are sent and i send them to your entire family...even those whose name doesn't start with a j! =o)

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Yay for an early end to deployment. Boo for pantry meals.